ET on steam

Blocked in Germany
Seems to be available in Germany now :) popped up in my recommened recently - was able to add it my library as well.

Source: am in Germany
damn where's my config
Steam is great but their ignorance to get a real age verification method is annoying as hell. Literally, every 2nd game that is interesting is not available because as an adult I still get patronized, all in the name of protecting the youth.

Not that I need Steam to download ET or play it but its just frustrating.. I need my Hentai/Anime Asset Flips.. Gaben pls
Can sombody post some public server ip? Cheers
better late than never I guess
hey mate, how u doing?
is there anyone still playing this? where can i find the people?
it's been 5 years
people play et:legacy gathers on discord
hey bud, nice to see you. I don't play any more but there are still some gamers around

everyone uses discord now, see Kimi's comment for the main EU server. I'll DM you invites to the NA ones
bunch of clowns, they literally 10 years late, the game would've been more popular if it was on steam way back then I reckon
Oh for sure, they were informed about it many of times. It’s a shame ET producers didn’t put much effort into advertising their game and getting into other platforms. ET was honestly made popular by word of mouth.
how are u overdrive..u are play ET ?
Don't you play on hirntot?
more Legacy and some other mod ^^
Wtf?! Game is still alive? ;)
I wonder if people will get excited for it. Building a pub clan would be fun.
hello my dears -- i am missing you all -- i hope i can find some time to play again
i hope my friend
It really revived the game a tiny bit
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