Graphic designer

We are hiring

As the plans for both online and offline future Enemy Territory events start to roll out, we are looking for someone who is specialized in the design of graphical art. In the coming months we will need some promotional material, such as banners and logos. Do you have what it takes and would you enjoy being part of our team? Please get in touch with one of the admins and hopefully we can welcome you sooner than later!

We are also still contemplating about an appropriate name for the upcoming LAN event. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Newspost: Preview ET LAN

QuoteIn light of Tosspots' recent announcement, the future of this website seems limited. Future news items will therefore be shared on different platforms, including discord, GamesTV, Facebook and more. Please stay tuned if you are interested in attending this event.

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I'm interested in this position. See what I can do for you guys. Always loved the ET / RTCW community. I'm a graphic designer and have my own company (website still on the works:,

With who can I get in touch with to discuss about this.

Thank you in advance.

Hey, are you able to get in touch with me on discord? Thank you for showing interest
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