Frag Movie Database

Here's a collection of some memorable fragmovies, I remember when I first started playing et, it was fragmovies that got me enticed and I've always enjoyed them since, it seems a shame that since the et movie database has been taken down that new players can't enjoy them, so I decided to collect as many as possible and put them in one easily accessible post.

Please comment about any mistakes and link as many fragmovies as possible and I will add them. (if someone could make this sticky that would be great). Thanks to Bobeek!

Simply hit ctrl+f to search for fragmovies

Useful Sites:

The Fragarea collection
By: Korea, Republic of quaky

Fragarea 1

Fragarea 2

Fragarea 3

Fragarea Scrapyard

Steve the movie 3
Staring: Japan Steve


Just Spam it
Directed and Edited by: SwitzerlandDabSter
Starring: SwitzerlandDabSter & Germanyohzor4

Just Spam It

This is Et & Riflenoobs & Most hated series
By: United Kingdom Kamz

This Is Et


Most Hated 1

Most Hated 3

Movies by Max
By: United KingdomMax


One4One Decimated

Volume 1: Principium

Volume 2: Medius

TWK Unmasks
Starring: Sloveniasuperboy, Slovenia JaKaZc and Sloveniailly-ya

TWK Unmasks

The mAx Chapter series
Starring: BelgiummAx

Max Chapter 2

Max chapter 3

mAus the movie
Starring: BelgiummAus

mAus the movie

Winghavens movies
Starring Spain Winghaven

Winghaven out of the way 1

Winghaven out of the way 2

Winghaven out of the way 3


Overclocked & Sick
By: Hungary Nonix



Wroble the movie
Starring: PolandWrobel

Wrobel Fragmovie

chmpp no place to hide
Starring: Finland Walle

chmpp no place to hide

Starring: Polandkot
By: Poland sN1e


Movies By Fredd
By: EstoniaFredd
Starring: Netherlands perfo,Swedentornis and Canadaanim


animal and tornis the movie

Animal the movie

Nuggan the mini movie
Starring: SwedenNuggan
By: Korea, Republic ofReMinD
Nuggan Mini Movie

Krp related movies
Starring: Finland KRP



Parodia Magnifica
Starring Finlandteam parodia

PARODIA magnifica part 1

Parodia magnifica part 2

Parodia magnifica full version

Primal instinct
Starring: Netherlands Lun4tic

Lun4t1C - Primal Instinct

Gifty the movie 2
starring: Switzerlandgifty

gifty 2

Kris the movie 2
Starring NetherlandsKris

Kris 2

Lepari Nc X Doc run
Starring FinlandLepari

Lepari NC X doc run

sqzz nc doc run
starring: United Kingdomsqzz

sqzz doc run

nOu way the movie
Starring: SlovakiafiluS

nOu way

One4all filus
starring Slovakia filuS

one4all - filuS

Mettle 2
Starring Switzerland dabst3r

Mettle 2

Wiesieks Movies
Starring: Poland Wiesiek


wiesiek 2

Born to be lame
Starring: BelgiumMika

Born to be lame

raab movies
Starring Finland team raab


raab 2

lazio&griim the movie
By: Poland Spankie

lazio & griim

Ska the movie
starring: Poland ska


ska unfinished

Nationscup XIV moments
By: United Kingdom MerlinatoR

nations cup XIV moments

fanatic the movie
Starring: Poland fanatic

fanatic the movie

esrael the movie
Starring: IsraeleSrael


Jere the movie
Starring: BelgiumJere
Jere the movie

vilas movies
Starring: Belgiumvila

vila the movie

vila the movie 2

Movies by Ati_
Starring Netherlands Ati_

ati 2004 the movie

ati what are you doing there?

Random Rifle


7ele the movie

7ele the movie

the last line of defence
Starring: PolandKrein, rio , dialer, edol, Jan, oic

the last line of defence

Snoop and t6nis the movie
Starring Germanysnoop and Estoniat6nis

snoop and t6nis the movie

aiming by ganon

aiming by ganon

I Will Rockit
Starring: EuropeRockit/idk/Giants
By: SlovakiafiluS

I Will Rockit

Another Tigger behind the Trigger
Starring: FinlandTiigeri
By: EuropeCointozz

Another Tigger behind the Trigger

giftys fratzengeballer deluxe
By: GermanyVagGi
Starring: Switzerland gifty

giftys fratzengeballer deluxe

Shewie - A Belgian Day
By: Belgium Shewie
Starring: Belgium Shewie & BelgiumMika

A Belgian Day

By: GermanyhanneS
Starring: Europe Allstars

Zaigon 2
By: Europebitbeast
Starring: EstoniaRaul,subbi,Mant,FinlandWalle


sarna final
Staring: Polands4rna

Sarna final

Movies By Tranix
Starring: Canada Anim,Tranix United States of AmericaCanada(NA players)

Canadian Badboys

SNL the movie

Movies By Tomun
Starring: United States of AmericaCanada Players

The NA ET Frag Legend

North American ET Immortalized Fraggers

u5*Radical: The Movie
By: United States of Americau5*Paul


Dator the Movie
By: United States of America Slurpee

Dator the movie

sCope frag movie
Starring: Estonia sCope

sCope frag movie
nice list, but I need to correct you on few things:
- nOu waY! is my personal movie, not clan movie
- one4all is staring Slovakia filuS (flag=sk)
you might as well add , for those who are interested (from all my movies, I like "I will ROCKiT" the most)
thanks for letting me know, ill add it! ( I knew I would get your flag wrong! xD)
Nationscup moments was made by myself.
added, it's pretty sick btw! you should do more stuff like this.
I think it was more the content then the presentation :)
owzo at his best!
vila's movie by me :D Memoria ! thx
fummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmble :*
fumboffle :O
wow mazing movies.
max chapter 2 and nuggan movie awsome!
moar cheaters movies plx!
thanks, edited. I got mixed up cause theres a Norwegian kris too :<
No raveneye blindness movie??? :( one of my fav and got me into rifle x) I used to collect them before swertcw was down then lost 1tb of data so only got around 50 now x) can upload some if you need any, thou not sure which!
that would be great! unless you have a youtube link.
Starring: kot
By: Spankie

It was made by sN1e (Sinn1e).
eSrael movie staring eSrael, not Israel

Sick by Nonix missing

oh and quaky is Korea, Republic ofkorean
quaky will be mad if he sees this p:
nice dude :)
Not sure if this works it's blocked in Germany ._.
np4 youtube unblocker :)
Half the time it doesn't seem to work for me (or at least unblockyoutube!)
nimm proxmate :)
My ones are the best
You even got a website!
Collect #Thoro-pictures movies, Thoro and others made few movies such as Wiesiek the movie, r1co fragmovie, Polish Community Movie, SPAMTASTIC :)
mAus only one movie ,ehehehehehehe

nuggan only minimovie ehehehehehee
nice, Estonia fredd movies were my personal favorites, 2bad guy gave up after just couple of projects. keep up the good work, fragmovies are the only thing left after ET's glory days ;)
hey thanks man, i had to stop due to rough times irl, check out elegie if you haven't seen it
No Problem Mate :)
there was a fragmovie

Polish Game Control if i remember rightly
and it was starting with kot doing that sick trickjump on delivery from sniper spot with a panzer to bunker and gets 4 people (TLR i think)

couldnt find it anywhere since 2 years
What? That was fake movie. :D

it was so nice , i remember i like the music very much
what do you mean by fake ? opponents were tagged , everything was edited and stuff
Tags were faked iirc. That was made by guy named "Absolwent" or something like that.
was still badass :(

where can i watch it ?
Probably nowhere since the moment of deletion from many streams by author himself. :P
n00n uploaded it with a name like "faked movie LOL.avi" if you wanna dig @ youtube =P

Ahhh right. There was journal by n00n about that.
I see you used a Fragmovie from my Youtube account (TWK Unmasks). I have uploaded a bit more, like the complete Parodia Magnifica in 1 take with original music (your link to part 2 of the movie doesn't have the original music), as well as Gifty's Fratzengeballer/Shewie's Belgian Day etc. Also got some others on my Drive which I can still upload.
Parodia -
Belgian Day -
Fratzengeballer Deluxe -
Another Tigger behind the Trigger -
Nice one, ill add them!
Don't add ATBTT, it sucks monkeyballs.
where is
omg mAus omg ?
ska beast :)
jakazc noz cz :)
Artstar 1.0 ding ding movie
still the best video for meh
that's because of the music!
does anybody know the outro song of one4one decimated?
Nuggan's mini movie was made by Korea, Republic of ReMinD
Leider ist dieses Video, das Musik von SME beinhaltet, in Deutschland nicht verfügbar, da die GEMA die Verlagsrechte hieran nicht eingeräumt hat.

shit gema is shit.
I'd add NIEDZOWIEDZ's fragmovie into the list but I guess it's not uploaded anywhere
if someone got "2high" featuring straf & crozz link it :D
haha nice u got swertcw uploads :D brings back memory and finally found that short clip I have been looking ages for :)
I'll check if I got some vids at home that might be needed here :)
would be cool to upload all these movies to one youtube channel :)
so many people did it (most of them attentionwhores who all want the hits from movies) but it doesn't last long. I also think it's not worth it if someone (eg. the original moviemaker) has uploaded it to their channel. D:
Just thinking of one central place to watch all the movies without having to download them. Well I guess someone could also make a playlist from the above list and keep adding to it.
Are you calling me an attention whore?
As you wish :P
Just started uploading movies from my hdd.
Ati misses "No no no, THIS is Et"
Parodia magnifica , best one ever :)
newfag movies, most of them
Link me some that you prefer then
is there anyone who still has Unfinished by Dolar and Xanah in HD?

I cant find it anywhere (damn you, own3d!) :(
schwedenfrags by alexl?
where is niedziowiedz fm?
Wrzucilem na youtube to wyjebalo sciezke dzwiekowa w kosmos bo "prawa autorskie blablabla".
good job!
fragmovies are et culture and history and should be cherished :(
Canada Animal: The Movie (
Movie by: Estoniafredd

Canada Anim and Canada Tranix: Canadian Badboys (
Movie by: Canada Tranix

United States of America u5*Radical: The Movie (
Movie by: United States of America u5*Paul

SNL! The Movie (
Movie by: Canada Tranix

United States of America Bdmatthewson: The NA ET Frag Legend (
Movie by: Canada Tomun

North American ET Immortalized Fraggers (
Movie by: Canada Tomun
No need to be jealous. Ohurcool: The Movie incoming this 2016.
I updated it, but it says this video is private.
yo you live in toronto now?
Probably the last movie I have.

Team USA: The Movie (
Movie by: Canada Anim
coming 2013...
NC XVI Highlights staring United States of America animal
Nope. Uploading Team USA's movie featuring United States of America Quota.
almost all of the good oldschool movies are missing here :<

what about "True Destination" or "The Gambitshow"? the RaZieL movies? mAx chapter 1? Suck my Ping 1&2? dignitas eXposed? :D

and the best ever: eSreal the movie

i got a lot of real old stuff here to share. so where do i have to upload it?

I uploaded mAx Chapter 1 there and still adding something but soon I will have to get somehow new(old) movies because my collection isnt impresive :P.
Nice one, ill add loads tomorrow so just put the links in ur comment :)
Well these are the only ones I could find on youtube, however the download links show pretty much all the old movies and esrael the movie is included. :)
ps: It would be great if you could upload some onto youtube. Thanks
its superboyy and JakaZc ;)
More movies soon

I also uploaded NIEDZIOWIEDZ fragmovie and ET Allstars 2 but in first movie youtube cuted off all sound and second one was blocked in (almost?) every country. Any solution how to cheat youtube in this cases? :P

Lazio&Griim - Can't Stop



Polish Community Movie

aCoZz the movie

Wrobel the movie

Just wiesiek 2

Fragarea 1

Fragarea 2

Fragarea 3: Fusion

mAx Chapter 1

mAx Chapter 2

mAx Chapter 3

Most Hated

Most Hated 2

Most Hated 3


This is ET

Mr Kresti

r1co fragmovie

The last line of defence

Objective secured




Winghaven - Out of the Way

Winghaven - Out of the Way 2: Expect the Unexpected

Winghaven: Second Nature

Winghaven - Out of the Way 3: Renaissance

2in1 2 - sNoOp and T6nis

adzz Flashbacks

Another Tigger Behind The Trigger


Just Spam It

Lagging Revolution


No limit

Parodia Magnifica


seNti's Adventure

TWK unmasks



Pick 'N' Roll

Lun4t1C - Primal Instinct

I am a lagger

ET Allstars

Kris ET Movie

Kris ET Movie 2

Souvenirs by Ganon


If you upload a movie, youtube will comment whether you've used copyrighted songs etc. and state that the music cant be played. It will show up a menu giving you the option to appeal against the decision for a different number of reasons. make the right appeal and the will keep the movie with music on until further notice.
What appeal can be right if music isn't really my? :D Stupid bot will check it and I just have to check its my?
The Youtube Bot will state that your using copyrighted music, but you can make an appael like that it is for personal uses, not commercial uses etc, in which case(s) copyright laws can diferiate
I am a lagger! Oh man, that IS nostalgic. :D They even made a song just for that movie. :p
Yea, movie for some video competition :). If I remember, 2 brothers made this song, one of them singing in bathroom :P. After that they got some nice offer.
I have a profound interview of lagger from cpc2. it goes something like this:
- Hello, introduce yourself.
"Hi I am Lagger...
- Go on.
I lag..."
- Go on.
...That's what I do."
its SloveniaJaKaZc not JaKaCz dafuq
Does anyone have enquelol and punkdlol2 on their pc? I know Cannonize has them but he doesn't reply to my PMs anymore. :P (he did upload punkdlol though, so dno whats up)
THANKS I was looking for SNL! The Movie since own3d was gone and I lost the original mp4..

Also I request Team Facial frag video by Peter Jennings
Anyone know where i could watch/download NuggaN the movie? (not mini)
Don't suppose anyone has Sensy: the movie?
Did I not already add that?
e: oh it's something else NVM
anyone have a copy of my fragmovie by any chance ...
Hashtag normality or #normality (this was in the days when hashtag stood for an irc channel not some twitter feed).

Starred myself and members of the normality clan

101,000 views for Requiem on YouTube? Awesome! :-)
It's a longshot, but anyone happens to have my movie? It was made with only a few demos sort of as a parting gift when I joined nkNn, so I think it's fairly old. I have a crappy quality version on my PC but I'd like the find the original.
nvm, found it on youtube
image: 676f7724f8

any of these movies still needed?
y mate: Would like Testi final(because i lost it), Templar the movie, U96DGZA fragmovie3, woody and nothing more, interlude, aftershock, griim the movie (that 1 was awesome), fresh blood, crumbs & atrium

Also im searching, or looking for lagg3r his movie.... it was pretty great, but i cant find it anymore;(
should i upload somewhere like youtube/vimeo or ftp?
Well, just what suits you the best i guess... I like both youtube or an ftp;)
Wow Thanks man! fast

Edit: can you also give me that griim movie?:P
ofc i can, wait.. i'm ingame ranked atm^^

the dl is limited to 5 downloads per file.. dunno this ftp is kinda weird


links aint good
Anyone have anything from mAus or butchji (except fragarea<3)
yo, can u upload reaver movie by 400 hz :)
y, i'll upload it monday i guess :)
oki thx :P
Is the oxigenium movie the one made by indu for team o2? If so, I would be very grateful for the download or youtube link.
ye its it.. will upload it tomorrow i guess :)
Awesome! Thanks, man!
Im still waiting for that download link :)
can you re-post this pic please?
Also I love you all for this
hi !
my movie database is now (again) online on (and not more on

I also have about 100 more, very old, unpublished RTCW Movies
who is looking, please ask! Possibly, I have this "looking" Movie

have fun ;-)
nice one! :)
image: 42ae797b87

any of these movies still needed?
where is european community movie
need see tsu - nothing links plz
let me know if you find it. Nothing on google or youtube :<

*edit* found it :D
Stevie the movie 3
Staring: Japan Steve

fınd the lulz :p stevıe the steve
wrong edit, they're both supposed to be steve
thx sharky!
Surprisingly good, meaning there is no editing nearly at all and 16min full of frags
I wanna see some new ones, CMON ARTSTAR!
Feel free to choose! Notice that there are some CS/CoD4 movies also.

image: collection
ramin, riddla, knö or die (if its not up yet) plz <3
I'll try upload today/tonight (Riddla - State of Mind Trailer?).

Sorry for waiting but right now got access for this ftp. Didn't upload @ YT because it screamed about music copyrights when last time uploaded snYpe movie.
Hey, can you please upload ENQUELOL and PUNKDLOL2? Been looking for someone who has them forever. :/
If this is the Team USA movie in original quality, I would love to have it.
Yes it is. In the past also have several problems with finding it in original quality but successfully managed!$A%20-%20The%20Movie.mp4

Size may be bigger than actual one that's because few days ago got HDD crash and barely recovered almost whole collection. If you want with original quality and real size then you need to wait for February because backup of my original fragmovie database is far away (like 1000 km).
sick! thanks, downloading now :)
Every time I or anyone else tries to download it, it stops at 124 MB. Can you make changes to this server? If so, could you try setting EnableSendfile on in .htaccess?
That's weird because I don't have any problems. Doubt it I'm allowed to do some server changes (ask ag0n). But I found other working link so try this:
Extremely weird. I tried two computers at different locations and had my friend test it as well. This link works fine though, thanks!
I see you have fra's mansion 2 GIVE PLEASE :{D
Hey, Would you mind uploading KvetakesAndKedlubnes, superboyyyy puran, and Just another etmovie? They are nowhere to be found.... For the sake of nostalgia :)
I know this is very subjective, but I still love Overclocked. I remember how badly I wanted to finish after few years. And still there are loads of special effects that I never seen in any other ET movie. Csafi is/was the best knifer in ET :)

Unfinished project:

this epic list<3
the yt quality fucking sucks. i want polarsoul in uber qualy like i had it on my personal computer
no flying hovno in this list??? fuck off
it makes my penis erect everytime
im searching for a rtcw movie, i dont remember what it's called, but i do remember its from 2004 and it starred team netherlands
dl link plz <3
found a couple of youtube links
i'm also searching for diversion by riv0
No one has mentioned - eXposed
Drago's panzerfaust
Gamestv Match:megaProGaming e-Sports e.V. vs EDiT
I'm interested in someone who has got movie called Creatio Ex Nihilo (starring Polandmiks). Download links (preferable original quality) are welcome!
Anybody got fra's mansion 2? Id like to watch it again
i wonder why none has my movie! me is so sad i lost it forever :(
qip.ET - Proning Technology by bj
(DL link is broken here on CF)
missing The Art of Losing :(
does someone still have orDian's movie(s) ?
looking for phatemon 2 by phate
Anyone got download link for Requiem?
Im searching "The uninvited" and "SolaR the movie". Made by me but I dont have them anymore :((
TWK movie?
Wiesiek movies are the best ! <3
Connectivus Interruptus

starring me "lagg3r"


(right click, save as)

Please download the movie to enjoy the full quality.

I got tons of old fragmovies on an extern HDD, if someone interested to upload some of those movies, pm or reply me.
Hey, maybe do you have Creatio Ex Nihilo (starring Polandmiks)? :)
to chyba jedyna zywa strona na jakiej to pozostalo, co prawda w jakosci dosc kiepskiej :)
Taaa kiedyś też w czeluściach internetu znalazłem tę stronkę, ale nie dało się długo oglądać przy takiej jakości. ;d

Pomyśleć, że jeszcze w 2008-2009 miałem parę takich fm na dysku, ale niezbyt był pojemny i musiały zostać skasowane + jeszcze świadomość istnienia Megauploada, bo kto by się odważył go zamknąć... :|
Anyone got Eagle's quick movie perhaps?
image: 2wd0wop

I can upload all Raziel and Ganon & Shewie movies if needed ... Don't think I have seen anyone post them yet.
I am still looking for Griim the movie & Xanah and dolar unfinished! xx
QuoteGriim the movie

Do you mean that one created by some guy from 400 Hz Studio?

Dolar & Xanah -!lN5iUTTZ!63oGL4a7Q1UBYYkBnlynmSlydMoP883sW82E64wPs3c
yes thank you, that movie was great. And i meant the 400hz one;)
Wow, thanks! awesome that you still have all these movies, I lost all classics due to my harddrive crash:)
thx a lot!
Np. The funny thing is I also lost all my data (and movies) on my external HDD but found some lost folders on another HDD and one of them was with 200 GB of fragmovies so at least once thought about backup of such treasures. :D
My fragmovie with awesome editing it's 6th best FRAGMOVIE OF ALL GAMES IN 2008!!!

Atrium by Phaloid
phaloid, are you here ???? :(

nice fumble :)

First movie, enjoy! Thanks for watching.
LF sponge remixed i lost it due HD broken :(
Does anyone still have "Jere & Worm at cc6" ?
Do any of you remember a frag movie where this song was used? Can't remember anything but this song in that movie.. :D.

Anyone has perhaps some where hidden my movie

Eagle's quick movie 1
Booted up my old computer and found these old movies i made that are not on the interwebs any more.

Jere - The Explosion
Fantastic minimovie 2

i used to have a lot of movies on this computer, but i can't find them atm. will post when i do!
looking for eujen's brain movies, trailer or full movie "i snake the shit out of me" or something like that, not avaible for download/vod since it was uploaded only on own3d or megaupload.
does anyone know in which movie this song is used Hoobastank - Out Of Control
Esrael the movie np
Well, there's plenty of them for example:
- mentioned above Esrael,
- F-Ugly V by snoop,
- Ati_ The Movie
I search Vagrants fragmovie thanks by advance...
Yes i already find this but i need the sound too... Thank you !
uploading it. Will appear here:
sorry but i have the same problem no sound can you upload it on 1fichier: thank you :)
gg utube doesnt like rammstein.
-_- anyone can upload it. thanx by advance!
I have been watching old fragmovies lately from this topic and noticed that my movies are missing. Both movies are made by Finland moff Mikko Movie Mikko Movie 2
Hey! I'm looking for "Griim the movie". I made it and lost it.. If someone have a link it'd be nice! Thanks ;)
anybody here that has "jago - kelevra" on his hdd?
Actually i search "born to be lame" of mika i can't find one on youtube with HD quality to download Anyone can upload it? Thanks :)
Thx mate!!
No love for the Australia Modus Operandi Trilogy? ='(



I have a server that I will be renting until the day I die (I'm only 26, but the way I'm drinking I'll be dead by another age) and am willing to offer up a public access FTP for people to archive ET and RtCW frag vids, filez, tuts, etc. I've got around 100GB of vids I need to upload as it is. No storage or bandwidth limits. Domain can be decided upon.
Sup with that FTP? :)
Does anyone have the parodia magnifica download link ?
cool list guys, thanks!
when I watch these movies, it gives me nostalgia to play again... and again :) is there any IRC channel still active?
I am looking for a video from Rk & Myrkky from clan Primordium? I remember the video had tracks by In Flames and contained some great frags.. can't find it anywhere, if anyone has it, it'd be greatly appreciated!
Anyone still has old RTCW skins for ammo and health packs laying around.
Lost mine after years of inactivity
I'm looking for my fragmovie called HAYAATI.

Crossfire link:

I did find it on youtube, but it's sadly blocked for all countries (except Somalia but good luck getting a proxy there):

Also found it on some Japanese YouTube uploaded by Kirak which I think is a player from Team Japan:

Sadly the quality isn't that good :( I managed to download it from that website and reupload it (, but I would love the original high quality version of it.
Looking for LoTiX - Dykhtfia? movie as well as Tsu 2nd movie if anyone has it.. still looking for Dable movie of him & Reikkeiri from clan Primordium..
List of FM's I have on my HDD - not uploaded anywhere but I can do it in case anyone is interested:

A belgian day
ET_Allstars 2
Fear Factory - Objective secured
mAx chapter 3
No Pressure
Parodia Magnifica
r1co fragmovie
R3 ET Clan Trailer
The Longest Day
TKW unmasks
Wallhack by s4rna
Winghaven Out of the Way 2
anim by tornis
born to be lame
butchji vs dignitas
drago avi (panza)
et_fragarea 3
et lagging revolution
et rAMINs second movie trailer
Pick n Roll
s4rna final
Winghaven second nature
...i am looking for an OLD and really low sophisticated frag movie sWat movie which was also already uploaded on crossfire was made by my very first clan so.. i would be really happy if someone has it <3
plz help i'm_moo <3
I think I have it
really? :D ...i would be really glad to to see it again :)
I'm sorry =( couldn't find it
I know they are bad quality but I had a very low pc back then:

clan Bonzai movie 1:

clan Bonzai movie 3:
I'm looking for 2 fragmovies:
kmt & sexyhot - players from portugal team
skyline fragmovie

If noone have these above, i need at least songs list.
TWK Unmasks [4K]:

superboyy puran [4K]:

Also check the guys channel - many good movies upscaled to 4K :)
TWK Unmasks still my favorite ET movie of all times :)
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