All good things must come to an end?

I've been deliberating for a while whether it's time to shut Crossfire down.

Crossfire has been a fantastic haven for RTCW & ET for more than a decade. This community has achieved magnificent things together and I think it's safe to say it has well outlasted anyone's expectations. Personally, Crossfire enabled me to grow and learn in ways I thought never possible and I owe a fantastic debt to this community.

The reality is that the site is now largely inactive. Google Analytics says 15k people visited in the past month which somewhat surprises me but... apparently 10k of those are the Philippines and and are only visiting the user registration yeah I don't think they're real. I am concerned that the site is probably quite leaky in terms of user data and that is probably a legal liability, plus it costs 50 euro a month in server fees.

More importantly though it is evident that no one is really contributing much in the way of content these days, I notice the last LAN was unfortunately cancelled due to lack of interest. If anyone has a plan that they'd like to share with me as to how they hope to breathe new life into this community I am all ears, otherwise at some point toward the end of the year I will most likely shut the site down.

Similarly if anyone is interested, I would love to keep some form of archive of all of the content from Crossfire's history alive and if anyone had the technical skills and wanted to work on that I would be glad of the help.

If this is to be the end then what a run it has been. There are plenty of other gaming communities that are older and bigger than Crossfire, but there are none that I'm aware of that can touch the story of all that Crossfire did as a community. Crossfire became so much greater than the value of its individual parts and for that I am eternally grateful to you all.

You are still right with your text. Have tried my best with the recent Lans but to cancel the last one has shown that it seems to be over.
First comment reward goes to the first reply to the first comment
wb loekino.
Thank you for keeping the lights running this long! I am sure there will be a few who will put their hand up to help with an archive of sorts.

The search engine will need a bit of a revamp though. I tried to search for butchji's old journal about the adverse side-affects from shaving his butt-crack the other week, however it came back empty on both 'butchji' and 'butt-crack'.

After a bit of googling it turned out he actually copied the original story from craigslist... what a time to be alive.
basic gaming : (

ET was a legendary game, and crossfire was the heart of the ETPlayer community.

Thanks to the admins for running it, and thanks for taking the time to archive years of content.
Feeling weird by seeing this. Looks like the end of an era.. It's sad :/

Having crossfire archives would be great indeed
Would it be possible for the legacy team to take this stuff over?
great idea
They'd have to rely on donations but I'd be more than happy to contribute. Way too much history and too many memories to be lost if we lose cf
So, people, if you wanna keep the site and ET itself alive, please DONATE :) Help ETLegacy team to develop our beloved game!
You once had a rubber pleasure stick in your mouth and i will never forget.
:( I'm so sad about this. It's worse than the Clanbase closing. But it's ok all the best things come to an end.
I just want to thank all the people who tried to get this alive. <3
when the end comes and stares into ur eyes tells you
"ur time has come"

you turn around, walk away and as the fucks are flying you glaze back and say "im from crossfire bitch we aint going nowhere, this is not the end only a new beginning"

im sure we fucktards can get together and keep the forums alive atleast, sure we cant run a lan or run or get a tan but in the cold weather we can unite as naked brothers spooning together to keep warm in the cold we are facing. The cumback

it was a pleasure indeed, warm regards Sloveniaseareal
Agree with you, lets keep crossfire's warm all together !
Ur time has come!!
Come to say goodbye :(
oh wow havent seen you in ages :o <3

think i watched one of ur livestream ages ago and iirc u had alot of ppl watching (fucking nice!) :D think u played dirty bomb or the other similar game what is it.... brink(?) :D still mad skillz bro! i think my skill is long gone tho... i only hop on the pc for some late games when im shitfaced as fuck and bored at home other then that i dont use da computar anymore as much :D

still early and im drunk af apperently :DD Was just thinking the same
QuoteCome to say goodbye :(
will hop on the "community" ts (pasting the ip bellow for anyone hoping to find some games/play et i hope Netherlandsrezta doesnt mind) to say hihigh if anyones there then off to partyharderer :D

u should install et and play for the nostaglia :D et forever bro :D

halfway into the wall of text i forgot what i actually wanted to say :D ...
anyway nice seeing u still alive (:
wish you all the best success in 2k19, happy new year \o
Oddio Decade! Ciao! Come va?
Bene bene :D
I'd be happy to help with this as a member of the legacy team.

onks teillä viel jotain nallekuskin tapasta tessu/discordia missä tiristään?
Nallekuskin tessu on edellee olemassa samassa osotteessa ku ennenkin ja discordissa mä lähinnä pyörin tuolla ET:Legacyn servulla:
who are you to say this!
What a run indeed, ET will always be number one game for me personally.
Whatever your decision will be, I thank you for the effort youve put into this site and community. Wont be posting here anymore after this, so I'd like to give a shoutout to all the guys from thefinest and exitium, we had good fun in the past 10+ years.

Was a blast, even mighty pds sticks around nowadays :D
Holy fuck, are u still alive? :D
Of course I am:) just play cod these days really :D
Haha, back at time i only played Cod2, was great game :)
im glad you're finally gone shithead
GG WP, thanks for awesome times! Such a shame there are no more offis to be played.

All the best for everyone who was a part of pS*/thefinest family over the years and RIP Radari.
It sucks indeed, but we got the best of it. The good old days of being able to get 2on2 offis from 9am till 5am are long gone, was fun skipping school for it tho!

Jezus fucking christ
Understandable decision but very sad one. How am I supposed to pick up chicks in teh cklub if I cant show them my +10 years CF account? Where will I share my real life stories to make nerds believe I have an amazing social life? Where will I brag about being the best eSports cklub ever created? What will happen to my F5 key that I pressed so hard after posting a journal? What will I do if I can't create e-drama to entertain nerds? What will happen to my jelly haters who wished me to die and get all possible diseases on the planet?

So many questions that will be left without answers... Love you guys (no homo)
I already regret and miss the edrama of this sommet who brought activities :( the THE community of ET

Ill miss everything from cf :( it was a part of us all !
gonna miss flaming u in your own journals :(
Will miss you too m8 even if you're a massive wanker
hehe me too, buddy ;)
I wonder if they finally gonna reveal you are a bot to keep activity going. No one can be stuck in le meme fase for this long.
time to play for rating again :-[
Did Brexit make you do this?
fucking nismeaux you always have something funny to say !!1
Yee, my account got to live its 13th bday
you are a legend my friend
A living one, booyah!
Some sort of archive sounds great. It'll be a shame to see this place go. I check in every now and then, but there's almost nothing new being posted.
That's unfortunate but seeing it from your point of view I probably would had already closed it 2-3 years ago :d

Thanks for providing us with this awesome platform, it has been a pleasure!

An archive would be great, perhabs the legacy guys could host that? And for the communication part, I think a simple free forum should get the job done with ease.
And us not winning last LAN? Are you out of your mind... after 13 years I was finally able to say we were the best of the world.
A lot of memories with this website but... what is dead cant be alive never more imo. I hope we can do smth to keep thise but if not i hope i will be on funeral of this ;F
archive mama punching worms on lan
Too bad the community hasn't been given the chance to evolve into another game / platform.
Some days I wish I could just boot up my pc and play 6on6 via et.gather or play some christmas pimped map like North Pole xd. Or even just watch a decent game with your excellent shoutcasting :)

Anyway most of us are way past our "gaming days" so for everyone that has played with / against me in the past... thank you for all the nice memories.
Da kan niet dagij nog leeft, laat staan nog naar da forum hier kijkt :D Heimwee naar de goeien ouden fom / dutch tactical killers tijd.. Wa speelde gij eigenlijk nog?
elk jaar krijg ik zo nen heimweeaanval en check ik hier is ja :D

pubg me de vila, acid en nog ander vergane glories
Wij waren toevallig op discord bezig over FOM, gaan kijken naar die aanwezigheidslijst, en die mannen van MORTAL gaan nog altijd naar da ding :D , en dan is op crossfire komen zien of die nog actief waren ;)

Ik zit op discord me SneeK, Jetro , Spones, acid soms, mAus is al is gepasseerd en nog n paar.
proners en mortarscripters!
In the other days we'd have banned/deleted comments in a foreign I don't even know where those buttons are :(
I can give u a tutorial :P
likewise lio
Agreed liOco.O :-(

RIP Crossfire
what next, GTV? :(
Could be. I manage to keep it alive a bit but it's clear it lacks of visitors and users.
if you would ever decide on shutting it down, please let us make some kind of backup :p we can't lose all those demos and shoutcasts
I believe the decision is on Marcus :) By saying of keepin' it, I meant, I request matches of csgo, lol, overwatch, urban terror and I answer tickets.
How much money does it take host
That's a question for Marcus.
I could get new traffic on it from my fifa community.

We are playing 11on11 there with 7 leagues, +150 teams, 13000 registered users and 1000 daily visitors.

Only thing we need is a "draw" function for results like 1:1, 2:2 etc. (and the possibility to embed it on the main page...which should still be working?)
You can put a draw score, that's not a problem. No one gets money then.
need to add FIFA 19 as as game p: last FIFA is 13 xD

also add PES19 because it's better... !
how to contact you when cf is down?
Eg, GamesTV, by making a ticket / writing a pm.
Damn, that is a shame but understandable. I still visit CF as a habit. Sometimes I'll read some old threads for laughs. Thanks for keeping it running for this long and not pulling the plug out of nowhere like ClanBase did.
Looks like this is the final call of ET.
Thanks everyone for being part of the greatest community.
Enjoyed the game more than 10 years and played with hundreds of different ppl all over the world which I will never forget.

i witnessed so many people saying ET ist dead. it now feels real for the first time in 15 years.
True shit lol
After reading this journal I went through all the basic phases of grief, because for the first time I realized that ET is now officially dead :( Was a great run nonetheless, so many great memories! Thank you for running the community website for so long TosspoT, and for the amazing casting over the years :)
It's been lovely to read all of these comments and be reminded of what Crossfire means to people.

The good news is that the community spirit that has kept this site alive all these years seems to still be active. A few people have reached out (I'll leave them nameless to save the pressure on them) with ideas on how to both keep a portion of the site active (Journals!) and then archive the inactive parts of the site.

I think/hope we'll be able to keep the old girl alive yet.
It would also be great if we could have an overview of the competitive history the games (rtcw/et) have in some sort of wiki like this: . And let the community help. I don't mind building the entire RTCW history wiki, but i don't know how to set it up.. Also let people upload demos / shoutcasts for an archive or something.

And, as you know i'm still uploading new videos of matches (with shoutcasts included!) on my youtube channel. I actually have been doing this consistently for over the last 3,5 years.

I've uploaded more than 600 competitive history matches for RTCW and ET:

I'm still looking for new material as my ET shoutcasts of you are running dry :-( or i don't have the demo. I should make some sort of news post actually, if ppl still have demos or other shoutcasts left..

Last but not least, i've been starting an "'ultimate RTCW history movie". Since i'm still at the early stages, i don't mind sharing some short teases:
clip 1 - quakecon 2003:
clip 2- bob 1 2002:
Moving to wiki sounds good imo.
The wiki thing is a good idea. I've always thought that there should be something like that for ET and RtCW.
Nice idea! Didn't know you have so much demos on yt online, so nice to go through a few of these again!
If someone decides to make such wiki from scratch, I'm up to contribute in programming
Was hoping it was you announcing a LAN or something :(

But I completely understand where you're coming from and just want to thank you for keeping this game alive for as long you did for us. As I look back at my old comment history, it makes me truly see how much of a child I was and how I changed as the years passed. At one point, you replied to one of my idiotic comments roasting me and I was so happy cause the real TosspoT had actually replied to my comment. On a serious note, I'm sure if it's costing you only 50 euros a month, we can easily get donations to reach that every month. Thank you for everything you did. Much love and hope all is good in your rl.
Thanks the kind words! I think a lot of people (myself included) can tell the same story of growing up through the Crossfire years. I checked my account history and my account is almost 15 years old. Safe to say I was not as pleasant a human being as I am now for the majority of those 15 years lol ;)
werent we all Stuart :)
The page is dead, having an archive would be nice because of all the valuable content. Time to reveal some stories, this could be interesting 8D
Ive always wanted to digg deep into Sol and his maltese pedo adventures!
Guess it was inevitable at some point to read this kind of news about closing crossfire, since it isn't nearly as populated as it used to be years ago or even longer back in the history. Obviously every ETPro player have their history written allover this page and regardless of still playing or just ocassionally checking this page, grief will be same seeing it go.
Its understandable that given the lack of activity and on other side monthly costs as well as any potencial private data leaks could do more bad than good, i assume there could still be some alternative ways of maintaining some basic form of crossfire, maybe find a cheaper hosting or similiar stuffs.

Anyways if it all goes down this path and it actually gets shut down, i assume the competitive scene will probably suffer that last nail in the coffin of trying to keep it somewat semi alive, tho ET itself at least public part is still a bit active. What a way to celebrate 10 years on this account :D
love you brother
Some great times had within this community and memories it was definitely coming though, congratulations with all you created stu. Should be pretty proud you kept the last bit of the community together when the games been dead for years. Hope it's not too hard for yourself!
I think most of us will always remember the crossfire LAN events, some great memories for sure. I think Wolfenstein titles last a lot longer than most would have in the circumstances and I think that can be attributed to how good the games were and how passionate the people with the community were as well.

Thanks for keeping CF up as long as you have - all good things come to an end indeed!
Just logged in here again after a eternity and see this, a bit said! But the good old times of Wolfenstein are sadly over. Can't even find the time do go on HBC or whatever to play a bit for nostalgia.

But for sure it was a fun time!
No game will ever reproduce the feeling ET once gave me. So many great persons who I've had the honor to share so many memories with. Started on the 3rd grade and here I still browse the same communitys page as a 24 year old even though I have barely touched the game in the last 4 years.

Hell of a run! If anybody feels they would like to stay in touch and/or maybe play something add me on steam!
Looks like sungi's movie triggered crossfire's annihilation protocol
My thoughts as well xDDD
This is making more sad than expected
It’s been an absolute pleasure being part of all the Crossfire Community. The posts, the journals, the fame, the LANs, the tournaments, the cheaters, the opportunities, the drama, the high and low moments. I'm going to miss you all. I wish you all the very, very best for the future and I will hold very fond the memories we have together. So enjoy this moment TosspoT, it’s been a blast. Thanks for the 12 years, I can remember every single moment I have and cherish it for the rest of my life.

- Killerboy out.
Your sunglasses will be remembered forever m8.
anyone got the DEAL WITH IT .gif? :P
need to ask my friend Italyspng :{D
Just go back to LoL and stream :)
Good guy. :D
It would be rude not showing up one last time. The memories I've gotten over the 13 years i've been here will never leave me. Stuart, you've always been wise passed your years and hope you feel really proud of what you've achieved not only with this community but by genuinely putting esports on a global stage . I think it's safe to say we've all grown as individuals. Never did i once think when being a young teen on this game would lead me to make some of the best friends and times i've ever had, to this day G5 all meet up for a good old jolly up! I wish you all the best in life!

Wakizashiuk signing off one final time :)

G5 - From left to right, top to bottom - Goso, Skydeh, STEEV, Ras, JMZ, h3lix_ & Waki
image: 30707198_10156243869196171_6013377161304473600_o.jpg?_nc_cat=110&_nc_ht=scontent.flhr6-1
When was this photo taken!? Thanks for the lovely post.
You're welcome buddy :) It was a year ago now at my 30th (Old sod i know!) Be sure to hop on our discord at some point so you don't turn into a stranger. a lot of old faces you will remember lurk in the depths ;). Also, as an added nostalgia boost, when i was writing this reply the Babylon 5 theme tune came on which made me think of you....if that isn't a sign I don't know what is
I will remind everything from my first sign up on the previous crossfire site to the last minute of this one and will remember everything as positive !

Every dramas and stuff will even be a good souvenir in a few years when I'll think and remind about the fact it happened with people that loved and shared the same game than me.. brothers arent always agreed between them but they are still from a same familly. It is for me the same with ET.
Sorry for all the disturbance, sorry for my english but I love you all, being french, polish, uk, german, finnish, swedish, belgian or what ever country, ill remember you all as brothers of games.


I will never forget this community, gl to you all

11 years, 9 months and 21 days
Glad i can't remember shit since i was drunk on every lan/official match.

Rest in pepperoni.

image: uDgjtiV
gamestv and here are my only social media accounts -- i will lose all my contacts --- so please find a solution Tossi
Big thanks Tosser!

I took a screenshot of all my medals in my profile, now my mind is at ease for whatever is to come!
I havent been here for 4 years, sad to see its this in-active!

Thanks for keeping it up all this time!
ET will still always be my favourite game.
I've spent most of my young adult life on this website and on ET servers. Unfortunate to see it fade away. Never found the same amount of fun in any other game so far. Even just looking at random matches at GTV was a blast. This website and his community was the last remaining bastion of the best game ever made.

Thanks all for the good times!

objective completed! Great shot!
gg, wp
Closing Crossfire means its a whole community that is plunged into the dark, like lost souls, no pillar anymore :/
It was a meeting place

ET and particulary ETPro is in mourns.

We must find a solution
I think most important thing is to keep "" domain cause many people remember cf by its domain name. I dont mind giving a couple of bucks a year for that.
Eventhough a backup/archive of CF is very appreciated would be nice to have some kind of database with contact to all people from here... I remember when they closed xfire (the software) I didnt even know and lost all my contacts...
Maybe something like a list with your steam/discord/email/twitter whatever
One more time, I agree with you Wiseness Francis <3
On dit wisdom le gros nerd. J'en ai connu des nerds dans ma vie mais des comme toi... C'est le pompon sur le gâteau
Vrais reconnaissent vrais
Si si les choses se passent à fond sur croixfeu
Maybe you could make a Google Sheets doc?
Clever m8 no wonder you're part of professional eSports cklub since 2008
Dude, the closing of xfire really got me. All the memories gone all of a sudden :/
indeeeed :( I remember talking to that serbian guy that I used to play Jaymod with every late night
GONE :'(
Thanks for everything TosspoT!
Don't even feel that sad, was coming for a while now. Nostalgic maybe.

image: PCXTfno

Shoutout to old teammates & e-buddies, catch ya on the flipside.
Badass perkele
cu Oulu torilla tavataan
Hah! Remember that day it was taken :D
Chelsea is still shit tho
I don't speak Belgian sorry
When the good old ET days are mentioned at home, my mom still talks about you. One hell of a shoutcast it must have been! Thanks for everything you did!
Hah that's amazing! Thanks for sharing that :D
omg mAus omg
Lets open a donations account and safe crossfire.. its too sad
Lovely :D Its great your parents supported you to that point :)
Made me smile :)
I still have the picture of you interviewing me in the Enschede venue. Poster size next to Iniesta's goal on stamford bridge
I had some epic shoutcasts of you on my HDD but I accidentally saved over it with Gary Nevilles commentary on Torres' goal at the Nou Camp.
I'm speechless :D
Was starting to think there were too many nice comments in a xfire journal, thanks for making it legit
ps: agreed
Was great you could support this site and community for all those years .

Much fucking respect.
Didnt expect this message at all. Insane gave me a heads up, I'll reply later. Quite busy for now.

edit: tears in my eyes reading this, still no time to properly respond, but I'll get in touch with some to see if we are able to pull out one final tournament
ok boss, looking forward to it
niezly debil z niego XD
You mistyped LAN
I've actually thought about it. I think a pre is to have a few top teams to attract attention. But that will be difficult. So I wouldn't count on it.
+1 for a final tournament, me and my squad full of noobs n nerds will be joining for sure.
Happy to have your enthusiasm!
down for tourney
Give me a few days to get in touch with the right people and set something on paper.
Noted! Will try to make a post by Sunday with a preview of the coming plans. Currently speaking with some about the possibilities
Really? Wat een flikkertje.

PS: Op Mallorca was ik even de flikkertje :)
z3R0 <3<3<3<3
HEY HEY HEY copyrights to this pic belong to me!!1 you owe me one million dollaz
cool that youve saved this xdddddd
humm3L <3
I still remember watching old EC replays like uQ vs and qcon '05 with TosspoT and Trillian casting in an audio file I downloaded and synced up with the replay since I wasn't playing at the time to see them live. This game was huge to a lot of people. Thanks for everything

Thank you TosspoT!

Stuart, just to echo Dave (Wakizashiuk)'s comments...

Thank you for providing us with the platform to create lifelong friends.

As Dave mentioned we still meet up at least once a year, and it's like we've never been apart.

This is a time I will always look back on fondly, with some fantastic memories along the way.

Congratulations on your career achievements and best of luck for the future.
Well well, talk about a blast from the past. How are things h3lix?
Oh no. Was waiting for this to happen. Only game I have ever really played!
On gamestv should be shoutcasted every ET match not only official. Why we can`t just put random 6vs6 med skilled battle on gamestv where every1 can bet emoneyz? We dont have any official ladder so we should let people request random et matches. Best motivation for peoples are moneeey so if we could bet real money and win real money it would makes matches more emotional and moving ;D
Best idea ever proposed by a guy who is missing one chromosome. That will do the job to keep et alive but how can you bet real money when your only income is selling your fathers empty bottles?
sprzedaje to sie twoja stara za drobne
Betting real money is more difficult than it seems... atleast it is in France.
Thanks for the suggestions but you are about a decade too late.
My daily comment in here:
Crossfire made me meet incredible people from all over the world. 10 years later we still hang out on our very professional communication softwares such as Disco and Whatsup. I even had a chance to share a couple of bears with my mates FinlandWny and PolandRafek. It's not just about computer... it's more than that.
I'd definitely be in to see some of your nerdy faces.
Sad shit but can say its been one helluva ride though! Got plenty of friends via crossfire & ET so thank you for that
hi chmpp whats up? nerding wow?
i want to start wow but seems so demanding so i think i just keep playing Hearthstone mostly
give bnet meight
mailamake #2202 i think
Pelaa bäfä viitosta
wowi tulille!
Thx you for everything... I spent hours here around 10 years ago and it was a wonderfull time, which lasted for 3 or 4 years at least.
I wish you the best mate !
ohh shit, whats next .... ET ? no F***ing way :(
Saperlipopette !
Reports of CF's demise have been highly exaggerated.
Sad days. Crossfire, you will be missed x
That's sad even though I've been on this site maybe 3 times in the last 4 years. Thanks to everyone involved and putting their time, energy, effort and money in this. Some sort of archive would be cool tho. Penis.
I never thought I'd be that sad after reading such journal and, what is even more weird, I still remember most of guys posting here, even though I haven't contributed actively for years now... still visiting crossfire just to read some journals from time to time though.

Who could predict that I'll still be here after 15 years, when one day in 2004 a guy I was trading with in Diablo 2 said "hey, you should try Enemy Territory, different but a great game". The rest is history.

All these hours on TS/vent, analyzing GTV games of and their tactics (shouts to Night, me and syriusZ were the biggest fans :XD best player in ET history), preparing tactics in school to test them in the evening... some might say it was a waste of time, I say those are some best memories and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Learnt a lot and still know some guys here in my city that I began playing with in 2004 - q2nf, our first clan was made only with guys from Poland Krakow.

I still have more than 30 FM's of some best players back in their days, sometimes when I get nostalgic I watch one or two.
Hope this community or site will somehow survive, so I can still visit it once in a week to see if any nerd created another dumb journal. If not - it was indeed hell of a run. Best game and community ever. Over and out.
Haha, sounds like my life in 2005-2006 :D
this can't be true :(
I knew this day would come one day :(

Hope someone will take over
yesteday i bet maus becouse he dont think
FeelsBadMan :(
Thank you for keeping it up for as long as you have, hopefully some of the things can be preserved somehow.

It is crazy how my account is already 14 years, 4 months and 7 days old, I think I started playing ET when I was around that age lol. Good to see quite some familiar names still in this thread as well, hopefully it isn't the last I've seen of you all. :)
expecting to see you on 08/12
Remember when you trolled me and told me you'd play for team USA
remember that time you won the "grenade only" challenge when we had the same amount of kills and they gave it to you because you had less nade deaths because you kept /kill -ing (which was against the rules, but nobody enforced it) ?

i still member after 15 years! :(
Man this comment is pretty late but yes I remember the grenade only challenge but I do not remember me going against any rules though. :P
Good times :)
I run my own IT company and can host this site quite easily at no cost. I'll contact you on WhatsApp Toss.
#JeSuisCF #ET4lyfe #CantKillWhatHasNoLife
you savior, you
Papa to rescue!
Altijd al een held geweest, die Ronner :-)
dHb Ronnie!!!
Grow up with CF and die with CF !
how many beers for you?
Disappointing news... NA RTCW and ET communities suffered similar fates with our core community websites shutting down after various lengths of service to the respective games years ago. Thankfully things like Facebook and discord communities keep our games going. It’s obviously only a matter of time for crossfire and it was bound to happen here as well. I think if any good comes from this it will be to see renewed interest in RTCW and ET games for the EU communities for a short period of time which would be nice for peeps to get to enjoy those games again in a semi-competitive environment. Crossfire will be missed.
Sad times, shame there was no game to replace ET :(
During the time I spent playing ET I loved every second of it. Some of my fondest and most cherished memories are playing ET with my friends. Firm handshakes to all the players, teams, admins, server owners, leagues, content creators and everyone else who made ET so great.
I remember playing against you, a very very long time ago!

Big thanks to everyone still putting so much effort into this community!
Endless memories...

btw TosspoT you're on IG/YouTube somewhere we can see what you're up to nowadays?=) idle & perform
legendary channel
Havent logged in here in years but had to do this for this final journal boys. Been a sick ride, thx for the community for all the great memories and special shoutout to the finnish et-scene, especially the one and only KRP and masculine mans.

Cya @ LAN bitches <3
Way to get your ad revenue up before Christmas Stu...

It's been a blast. I've met great people, friends, and experiences through this community. Although my heart tells me it would be awesome for someone else to inherit this site and keep it running, it's a race to the bottom. Additionally, anyone who does inherit it would have potential GDPR issues as well as numerous site vulnerabilities and buggy code. Therefore, I think it's best to say v55.

It could be nice to get everyone into a discourse channel to keep the giggles alive, but as a website format I believe this community is truly dead.

Special thanks to Tosspot, Marcus, Ronner, Stray, Sebhes, Timbo and all those that kept it alive even after all the interest disappeared. The fact we were able to get a LAN going in 2017 is an amazing feat. I wish everyone from here all the best!
GDPR people aint gonna care about crossfire, we should host it illigally to make it feel more legit <3
A quick tutorial on how to make crossfire GDPR foolproof (maybe, not really on par with gdpr)

Only registered users allowed to see any content, during registration you must agree to the terms according to which you are a legal person/a business.

To those users already registered, once signed in, a pop up delivers the new terms and services which the user has to agree in order to continue using the site.

btw, love you Tristan.
I appreciate that ScarZy <3
<333333 xoxo
14 years member already? Jezus, time flies…. I hope Ronner will save the day and keep Crossfire's website alive. So i can read back all the fun and good stuff from the past....
Who would have thought a bald guy who plays with a condom on his head would save CF. Internet never stops surprising me.
On a side note, if someone still has the video please share :XDDDDDDDDD
I remember laughing so hard...
hahahahaha yeah i remember that!
Whatever happens, thank you for entertaining times Tossbro, community and all.
Seems like i missed so many things in the past. Shame i wasnt here back then. Nice words from ya all and i can feel your pain!

ET never dies.
There'll always be fragmovies for nostalgia!
Please make the 3rd part!
Not possible I'm afraid. :(

Too much work required, and there's almost no audience anymore. The last volume has less than 8,000 views on YouTube, and that's still pretty high for ET these days. Movies released now would be lucky to get half of that. The content also wouldn't be as good. Medius covered ET at it's most popular I think. 2011 onwards has been relatively quiet.
I loved those movies! Got inspired to use the same style for my upcoming movie
Cool. Good luck with it! :)
really like it but its too dark. make it a bit more broght
not bad! but change that music. i'm waiting all the time for dat peak. not coming.
You made some horny fragmovies. If i have to show one nowadays its most likely one from you or quaky ^_^
One of my all time favorite scene is from mAx Chapter 3. It's on goldrush at the second barrier as the allies just secure the gold but then mAx gets a wicked 5 man and they get the barrier built as TosspoT says "mAx is gonna go for 5, he's gonna get 5. lettu* is gonna get the 6th and they're gonna get the barrier up and sFx are gonna lock this one down with 2:23 to go and boy oh boy did this game just come alive!"

Here :)
"lettu's gonna get the 6th..." *
<3 Moviemaker god... what a pleasure to watch your art!
Good night sweet prince.
Rip… :/
It has truly been a pleasant ride! Hope something can still be done to lenghten it =)
Rip all my shiny pocals:s
Didn't expext to be slightly emotional reading some of the comments. Still visit crossfire every now and then and for the first time it really feels like the end of an amazing time. The amazing people I've met and the way our community is, it's unique.

Thanks for the ride all, wish you the best.

I'm both sad and happy. sad cause it's over, happy cause of the awesome memories and moments I'll never forget. One thing I know for certain is that there will never ever be a community like this one. EVER.
Cant you use wizardry like these perkamentus dude to safe this?
wow how original
aint you dead anyway?
I know you are, but what am I?
and your old friend rope waiting for you
This is sad, miss u All!

Btw noBrain is still rolling but in Fifa Not ET anymore
been here, done that.
still hoping for a miracle Wolfenstein: Global Offensive with matchmaking n shit ;D
wtf you dooing man, you know i have been living in the philipenis!
image: sm-supermarket
Proof as you see me here taking a picture of a supershoppingmarket
Is it a sign that this end of the world post was posted on my birthday? I think not.
Remember those day when someone made a HB|Loekino journal and it had a funny picture inside? Now all i got is the end of Crossfire and some salty nuts.
happy birthday
Loekino still being autistic fuck i see
He especially seems to be very drunk.

Posting 4 messages in a row without any link between the previous message he was supposed to answer lol
C'était encore pire il y a quelques années... il est déficient mental je crois
Au moins, je n’ai pas été coincé en mode Le meme depuis 10 ans.
You decided to learn french because you like my style. Admit it m8
Loekino le délateur à bicyclette en plus à l'arrière il y a un siège pour bébé
ça doit être dur pour toi
oui beaucoup :sss
Of course i think that, it was a warm one from Mindje.
actually no, fuck you.

First comment and second are related, its a philipain picture. Also the first comment is directly aimed at the journal post.
Third comment was seperate, but also directed at the journals date, as my fourth comment reply on my self is related again to the third.

So whos autistic now huh?
Please reply in a structured order.
6 years, 3 months and 15 days

forgive him

he's just another attention whore retard who is trying to be funny by replying to everybody
Yes and that is my job :E
You mom gave me aspereges.
Loekino is back cf is alive. Back to lurking everyone.
Finally managed to register from the philipenis, i am one of those kinda dodgy, single, middle age mans.
What happened to the other guys like satz and flugle?
Going to meet them right now!
No way! Hope you and loekino are well. If you still speak to any of the others send them my best.
only banaan and Flugel and sometimes Dark on steam, not many others. Everything good here, hope you are doing well too :) Smoke one from me, ill send you Loekino's stash np
Inevitable, but thanks for keeping crossfire up for such a long time.
Really miss the times when you opened up your server browser and saw 100s of filled up servers and 1000s of people playing.
Nowadays, it's 99% bot servers and an occasional play on ECGNetwork mp_beach, because that's literally all that is left :<
Same story for crossfire sadly.

Oh well, getting old :<
Thanks for the memories! V-5-8-6!
This site was the hottest shit in my life back then. It's sad seeing it shutting down (or turning it into an archive-only).

IMO the problem is, that the community held on to ETPro. If the competitive players would move to another mod and maybe ETLegacy at the same time, the game might be attractive again. Better hardware compatiblity, Installer for Win, Linux, OSX(!!) and so on. I'ld like to provide 1 or 2 et server, if ineeded, just to give something back to the community and the greatest game ever since.
Considering that only Ronner actually wants to keep the site alive and host it, makes me wonder what is the point? Logged into mirc few days ago after more than a year absence just to see around 60 people idling on while half of if were just bncs, not connected for 45543 days. Game now is as much dead as this community. Nevertheless we had a good run boys and girls. Being a part of it gave me some of the best memories in my life.
Not erryone is like ronner who demands the instant pride, prowess and status of being a owner and posts it public.
The sarcasm is strong with u.
image: cobia-alden
het voelt net weer als vroeger toen we samen vissen vingen
I would love to keep crossfire alive too ! unfortunaly I have no solution :/
i think many ppl want to keep it alive.. and what is teh problem with keeping it alive if its free
Don't get me wrong, I think it is brilliant idea. It is just sad fact that from 280 comments here, only one says "I will host it myself".
Why is that sad? I don't think that many people have the ability to do it, be it for money-reasons or simply not having the knowledge. And it's still not for certain that I am going to host it. I am waiting on access to the server so that I can do an analysis of what the technical requirements are going to be, and after that there is still a GDPR issue that I want sorted before I host this. I'm happy to host it, but I'm not going to put myself in a possible GDPR nightmare ;-)
Don't get me wrong, I understand your concerns, but I wouldn't worry too much about GDPR as long as the website does not have any financial motives to keep it running.
What breezie said. GDPR only concerns big companies. Why would you even target an old website that is non profit with internet identity profiles
Sure, Im also guessing that it will not be an issue but that doesn't take away the fact that it'd be the smart move to find out for sure.
Why would you host it? The site is dead, thats why he wants to take it down, there is simply no activity on this site anymore, and 70% of the visitors are bots. The 50 euros he has to invest every month is probably the least of his worries lol. Let it go down gracefully.
thanks Tosspot, Ronner and everyone who kept the site and the community alive, always loved the game and the banter.

had some really funny moments and made friends for life. good luck to all of you <3
At least your artwork will be remembered forever.
Need to save it before cf shuts down
In what hole are u hiding? :D
I know Rocket League can be very addictive, but give urself some fresh air :D
LOL good one!
Get around steam/discord sometimes if u can for some chats or games :)
Quite a nice number of different people, posting a comment tbh ;)
I guess those "150+" guests weren't fake accounts after all. :XD
this was a trick to activate cf.. i bet sebhes is already trying to rent a place for LAN
Haha I just replied to your pm, then I read this. What a coincidence :D
Thanks Tosspot for the great times! Good to see you are still alive. Greetings from the MAZZ crew and the best panzer of CDC3!
Lol haha Aarsie <3
Ouwe farmerboy! :)
make cf only visible for users who logged in not for guests :P
Feels like a desperate breakup ;__;
Going to light up for the good times of escaping "normal" social life.
Good old times :( Thanks for all the years Tosspot
Kisses to all my old buddies who know me

Germany TheRock
Germany Sobyte
Germany Alpi
Germany Powelcheck
Germany Pate
Germany Tobi
Germany Schwede
Germany Maulwurf
Germany Jayzz
Sweden Ekto
Sweden Ti+es
Moldova Eujen
Germany Mettwurst
Germany genShi
Germany Pommes
Germany NxxB
Germany Honey
Germany Pitch0r
Germany eRRoR

Germany AntiCasp3r
Very sad but happy to see that Ronner is looking at hosting if at all possible. Either way, the game has been dead for a while and the core community is no where near active enough to keep it going. I still try to play the odd game every few months or so and still enjoy it. I do come online here every now and again but as you mention, there is no new content really being posted - which is no fault of anyone as everything runs it's course. We can always look back with huge smiles on our faces of what we've achieved :)
I'm gonna hit up some public server for a nostalgic game now :)
Sad but all good things must come to an end. Thank you TosspoT for the great years all the best
Thank You All! 7yr 9m 7days
Respect! Transfer this community to Twitter.
thanks for everything!
Thank you for all the great memories! Thanks to all those motivated people that kept this community alive for so long! I've spent a considerable amount of my youth playing ET and posting retarded journals on crossfire – and I don't regret one second of it! There will never be another game (and community) like this :)
TosspoT, I know you've moved on, but you're still my favourite shoutcaster :D <3
Uhm you missed 1st April by a few months!

Seeing how many ppl are posting in here makes me wonder if this website really is dead?
I haven't really contributed much here in the last few years (work, career, eat, sleep) but I think I visit this website at least once a week to follow up on new journals or re-reading old content.
It almost developed into a ritual for me while waiting on the airport for my flight home every friday.

Besides the loss of all the content here I feel like the biggest loss to me would be the possibility to stay in contact with all the great people I met here. Go guys PM me your linkedin or facebook!

12 years, 4 months and 18 days and I will stay till the last second! :)
Sad, but we knew this day would come.

Thanks for everything (all the admins & the community)!
ufff... what great times we all had here and so many things happened on and through crossfire.
LANs, daily journals, spam with loekino and so on. it was long time daily routine to come here and spam and troll and talk shit, goddamn i loved it :D but not only because of fun, the people made it great. thats why some are still in my life even after so many years of inactivity.
so fingers crossed that ronner gonna take it. please add a donate button then.
to not lose contact, come and join discord and lets play some nostalgic games.
we are already a bunch of 170 ppl in there. lets stay together in this hard times :)

i hope this isn't the end and i hope that people will still go on and play some games together.

thanks tosspot for keeping this alive so long.

eilt: oh and when an archive isn't possible, please give us an export profile function. i would love to have at least all my stuff local saved. that would be lovely.
Still remember the day it went from to Had some great times, too bad the RtCW and ET scenes are inactive. Thanks for keeping this website running for so long :-)

Thanks for all the memories aswell :-)
Yuu! TIjd geleden :P Hoe gaat het
Lekker man de pwn gaat nog steeds door. We are the pwn, we are the pwnage.
Zeker weten, the pown must go on!
Thanks Tosspot and everyone else for the absolute blast I had in here.

Hyvät jatkot erityisesti KRP:n entisille jäsenille, ja muille tutuille jotka vielä lukee tätä. Muistakaa että kunnia ei unohdu.
Thanks for everything! ;-)
To paraphrase Shia La-whatever - DON'T DO IT!
bye bye nostalgica
erAse gaming sessions will be missed.

RIP CF thanks for the memories!

#unbeaten in 1on1 #flawless #livinglegend
its not over! its not over !
It is and at least we died after!
I look forward to a certain reply.
It is not fully over yet!
Farewell! Shoutout to ET and the community!
I remember having my first LAN with Mortal Gaming back in ... 2004? I think I was around the age of 14-15 or something. Now about 14 years later we are still have two LAN's each year with Reptile, Bryce, Winters, lona, luna, Dest and others (Here is a video of us making some epic food at LAN back when Epic Meal Time was popular: Started with ET, moved on to WoW, PUBG, Overwatch and playing all kinds of games now. Last couple of LAN's we switched aswell from our own houses to blownout Airbnb villa's and we are not planning to stop anytime soon :) Next one is planned in january! Also ET made the foundation for me as the player I am today,. Because of this I was able to progress alot in other games aswell and made me able to travel the world playing games and have some great experiences. I'll also never forget all the great LAN's at Enschede ofcourse. ET and crossfire will always have a special place in my heart <3

image: 3316_pabloklein_180x240
Atiunderscore aka KOMTDIEPANZER aka Most Random Riflenade #?

ps: A while back I also added a Wolfenstein Displate to my collection: as a remembrance =]
GGS , still the best game ever. Thank you all :) , hope this site stays tho...
Sad to see this journal, have been logging in from time to time to see whats going on.
Thanks for everything that you did for ET and the community.

Shoutout to everybody, thanks for all the memories.
Was fun having wesly puke infront of my house!
Great memories indeed :D
KKC for Laif!
Zeker weten! Op goldrush gespawnraped worden door lowskillers.
Wij waren low+ op het einde man!
So many names i havent read for ages, just this pool of names would be enough to still play the game... Awesome flashbacks :) *cry*
I went on such a nostalgia trip reading this and seeing all these old names. Brings back some really great memories of my time playing ET with a bunch of fantastic people. I hope the community manages to spur some interest back in to the game and show why this is one of the best communities there is. <3
All the best buddy, hope you are smashing it :)
:( wheres taLa?
All good things come to an end. Thanks for all the memories and good times!
Dont do it.
Created for you RTCW/ET guys a public TS3 Server where players can talk together/play some games and have a lot of fun (ofc for guys who prefer ts3 than discord ^^)
feel free to pm me if you want a private channel, special server groups or icons :) if we get this server full with 64 slots, I'll upgrade to 500 :)
There is also a music bot in main hall, who is protecting you guys from ddos attacks or any cheaters or w/e and welcomes you with relaxing deep house music in main hall :-)
you can also create your own channel when you join, just right click->create channel

this is the ip:
True that game is dead. But im just wondering now... everyone crying but nobody play anymore .. why then ? we all just have real life, kids, familly, job etc but for example on sunday/tuesday we still have time once/twice per week / 2weeks to play some 6o6 , 3o3 so we do it. .
btw Big part of ET community still play other shit games like fornite , cs etc so if you dont wanna play ET just deal with it - this is the end.
Sadly, playing ET is kinda hard compared to other games. (matchmaking, takes from 10 s to 2min to find a game)

No one wants to spend their whole evening just finding even that one opponent. Besides, playing casually matchmaking gives you the option to play alone. If you want play ET alone, you have to play on publics, which is just fragfest
Best player 2019
mvp award?
Best Medic in ET
Im playing LoL with Nikio
i only play some casual ow, and whos nikio
ggs :(
Wow. Going through this journal is a huge nostalgia hit. So many old names posting, so many good memories....

Thanks for everything Toss, and to the community, thanks for everything, good and bad :)

Ciao x
ET was my WHOLE life when I was 12-15 yrs old. I forgot to eat very often and skipped school, coz I played till very late in the night. I enjoyed every moment of it and met some of the best people ever. It was like a perfect way to escape real world. Greetings to all people, especially to Tosspot who kept this game alive and organized great lans throughout years.

If I ever get very rich (not my life goal tho), then I'll make ET great again.

I also heard rumours of a new Wolfenstein MP next year.
Best memories with this game and the LANs <3
LEPARIIIIIIIIIIIIII <33333333333333333333333333
Hi mate <3 Long time no see.
true bro, true! glad to met u @ cdc3 :)

Thank you Tosspot for all the good stuff. You are a legend. Stay cool forever.
I miss this community so badly. Would hate to see Crossfire or Gamestv die. Thanks for everything TosspoT!

If anyone would like me to do anything to keep this community alive, I'm up for it, PM ME!
ggs! and if Ronner decides to host the site again, could we have the old xfire site? I think it was the greatest!
I'm playing other games for a longer time than I've played ET (like WoW) but the best memories and moments I had in Enemy Territory

Even if I'm not active here i am visiting this site every few weeks since 14 years.. Thats really weird and just shows how important the days with ET were for me, how much I liked it and how much i am missing this time.

And the number of reactions and comments to this thread show me that I am not alone.

Nice one!
I know it's your own video, but meh.

Fucking hell I forgot Redeye actually did something on this
ET means so many things to me even up to these days. I'm so proud how we played with my hungarian homies, and it was really one of the best times of my life. I hope CF will be archived in a way, always feels good to read some old articles again! Thanks for everything guys, hope everyone is doing great in life =)
please dont do it, please
All games are trash after playing et and quake
+1 :D

My first FPS on PC was Q3. Then I got into ET. Real hard to get into any other shooters after playing these.
I've been open minded, tried a bunch of games but nothing comes close to Q3 and ET.
Should have made more chick journals to get the ad moneyssss

sorry community, I let you down
Great times. It has been a pleasure guys <3
Thank you tosspot for what you've done. I've always wondered who paid for crossfire, now I know...

I saw that ronner might save cf which would be awesome.
A part of everyone in this community might disapear with this website but will remain in our memories.

I had a mixed feeling of hapiness and sadness when I saw the news about cf being shutdown.
I thought that finally I wouldn't have to read maxtor messages anymore ....
newschool spotted

thanks for the games man, u were good player :$
Popped on to say my goodbyes, ET was one of my best memories, coming home from school and Gaming all night! Absolutely amazing memories and met some nice poeple.

Shame this had to end. But it was always inevitable, susprised it lasted this long.

Take care everyone
Sad to see this happen. I've had some amazing memories on this game. I wish I stuck around for longer. I guess maybe I felt the community would always be here despite everyone claiming the game is dead :P. Spent hours and hours day after day playing ET. It shaped my sense of humor and the Fragmovies (specifically Fragarea 1-3) introduced me to some amazing electronic music. Thank you ET community, and thank you Tosspot for keeping the community alive for so long. You guys have left a big impact on me.
If anyone here still remembers me and wants to chat, PM me. I'll be on CF religiously for the next day
Rip. Been visiting the site and playing rtcw/et public once in a while.
FUCK this game was epic. Too bad it has come to an end. GGS to everyone! <3
Oh dear. Just saw this post even though I have visited site every now and then.

Was good ride with all you guys. Thanks everyone
jebus chryst someone revive this game, i am willing to donate €50k with the help of sup3R, undEAd and giftED

Thanks TosspoT for all the work & casting.
Are you still going for gold m8?
Yeah the rumour has is that I'm still running as fast as my damned Finnish legs will take me.
come online
v51. And only with 11 months delay.
i would join if u join

5 months delay
So many names and so many memories ! :o
What an amazing game that was, thanks to the people who helped running this community.
love to my boys
its good to be alive
fix the registration bug
Was good to know all of you, enjoyed these years. Best game ever for sure :-)
Everything must come to an end. Rule of nature.Warleagues, Clanbase...
Great game and one of the best communities I had the pleasure to experience.
Sorry Tossi u have to wait some months /closed
Die klinge spricht :X
Best years :) hope you guys are doing well!
Why am I here?
Goodbye, Crossfire!
crossfire is going to stay though :)
The feels :'(
Need some chocomel!
going to LAN?
finally :(
good old times
Good times. Thanks for everything TosspoT
Nimm die maus halt nochmal in die hand
komm halt zur nächsten lan :)
anyone else genuinely feeling emotional here? the only time ive felt like this was when marley died in marley and me. the years and time spent on this game will stay with us for life, the people we have all met, and the experiences shared will never be forgotten. im meant to be going out this weekend but fuck that ill have to dust off the deathadder and crack on with a couple cans of monster haha! i check in now and again and this was a shock but inevitable. a big thanks too everyone i met and played with it was a blast, and even the nobheads we all used to hate!

no game will ever amount up to ET! <3 xo
come play sometimes dude
Many thanks to TosspoT and everyone else that has contributed over the years for all they've done for this community. From ClanBase to ESL to GamesTV to ET Cup and all the rest there's been great people behind everything. I still check in every now and then for the nostalgia, watching the old u96d vs Paradoia battles or for the frustation of reinstalling ET & trying to find a game. Be really sad if Xfire is gone so thanks to Ronner - it's still here three months later!

It really was a great community. So active and competitive at its peak. Such great characters and stories told and competitive games. ET is an amazing game but it was helped by the amazing narative developed by TosspoT & co. TosspoT counting in on RadioITG to sync the ETTV. The chat beforehand on XF about who would win and the post-analysis. Crossfire really was the hub of all of that. It would never have happened without the likes of Anaconda, raza, Shakes, Adacore, arni, sol and especially fusen. And that fucker Kamz who kept spamming on I still hate you.

I can still barely drink orange juice after getting so drunk at Ronners house on vodka & orange at the first LAN and going missing for three days. Going to da club in Enschede. For a very socially awkard nerdy teen Crossfire was a great outlet for something positive and to be a part of an active social community.

The only XF person I see nowadays is foonr on FB who is having some bloody life in Canada. Like a poster above said - after playing W:ET & Quake 3 / CPMA no game really compares. The complexity and teamwork and community was incomparable. Hope you're all doing well - and long may be somewhere that we can come back to for a nostalgia kick. If anyone is in London give me a shout.
im so happy you are not using that very cringy overly-english <3
I really enjoyed reading all the comments. I still check the site at least once a week. Unfortunately, not too much original content is posted anymore.

But I too always wish to throw myself back into the good old days and play teams, gathers, public all night, trickjumps and what not. Oh how great it was... No new game has ever again caught me in a similar fashion.

13 years, 5 months and 25 days and counting...
wir spieln jeden abend gathers von nachmittags an bis nachts um 3 =)
I have not played ET in many years but when i did it was the best gaming years of my life.
Very sad to see this happen, i have lots of fond memories of this game and the community i will never forget.

It's been a while since I've been on the site, but to me Crossfire will always be synonymous to years of amazing experiences. Stuart, you've really achieved something special with this community.
I recently tried to play some ET again. While I got disappointed at the low amount of games available, the game always brings back the best memories. That's thanks to you Stuart, and this unique community you've built throughout the years.

Crowdfunding might help solve monetary issues. Development on the site in regards to GDPR will probably be a bigger issue. I'd actually pay money to ensure an archive is available somewhere. And lastly, if the site does go down, hosting a simple html pointing to for instance a Reddit community can help to give the community a place to find each other.

I wish you and Kaylyn all the best, in everything you still wish to achieve, both personally, and professionally at Twitch.

It has been a long time! I hope all is well?
Wow, long time no see!

I take my hat off to all of you guys. It was quite a ride! Still, I'm a little nostalgic and sad that Crossfire will just be shut down. But also: I will never forget all the fun we had in the game and here on the site. This community was the best that ever happened to me regarding online gaming.
I hope someone will take care of this website or maybe just archive it, so we can enjoy the good old times.

Goodbye sweet prince.

Being a clanleader at young age taught me a lot of English and patience.
Following ET professional scene was that got me into esports.
Playing with the similar minded people helped when it was rough outside.
Working with this site encouraged me to chase my current career.
QuoteWorking with this site encouraged me to chase my current career.

Have you become a fieldop?
professional mine spotter?
I like potato
Pleaes inform humm3L about the latest news. Godfather must know about the new direction the cyber empire
You wrote this in Nov 18 and literally half a year later i read this for the first time. That speaks for my recent activity and I think it's more or less the same for the most part of people here. I used to check the site daily over years, back at the days where was no smartphone shit to 24/7 browse and check for news... So much time passed since then and yet it somehow feels like yesterday.

I started ET because of classmates said, you have to try that game. And over the years ET and Crossfire made me find some real nice people. So nice, that since 2012 a bunch of those people and I try to keep meeting once a year, despite all living in different countries spreaded over europe. The friendship has become so valuable for everybody, that even invitations and attends to marriages followed in the years after.
Even before I've been able to met with a bunch of nice folks irl. Summed up we all spend months or even years of lifetime playing this god damn unique game. In that regard ET/Crossfire weren't just a sidenote on the path of my generell maturation.

But let's face it, priorities shifted. All of us aged, finished school, university or whatever education and moved on to family, daily duties and obligations, so there's no more time left for nerding till 4am on a daily basis.

In the end I'm very grateful for your ideas and effort you put in the game and community during all the years Tosspot. It surely had a major impact on allowing ET to stay alive as long as possible on a competitive and very entertaining level (yeah i know, "ET is dead" since more than 10 years already :S).

For now the site is still online, which allows me to write this sentimental crap, leaving me back with an impression of a laughing and a crying eye.

I hope your doing great in real life Tosspot!
Big thanks also to all the annoying, yet entertaining, kidraging nerds (which I also was), playing this game for all those years.

Farewell everybody :)
Thanks for kicking me of a lan.
loooooooooool ocharm
Jezus. End of an era.. This goes for everyone i had contact with, thank you.
Hi, 'the annoying guy at the party who just won't fucking leave' dropping by. I just want to say even I'm sad about this news. Then again, it's been posted 8 months ago and it's gladly still up and running. If the end is still nigh I just wanna thank all of you c*nts for all the cyberbullying, my butthole still slightly hurts but it also made me somewhat of a stronger individual. Thanks CrossFire and thanks Tosspot! ET will always stay in my heart even though I was total balls at it <3
Thank you :)
Thx for everything!
Heh I read this journal while ago and I thought I already posted a comment, but guess I didn't. Glad I'm still able to post now and it was even more enjoyable reading comments now, from players that I haven't heard about in a such long time. I still say this was by far my favorite game and I'll never forget great moments from it. We all owe ET a lot. Thanks everyone for the good times and especially to people that devoted their time in making this place a better community. That's why it existed for more than 15years. I still remember the times when TosspoT became owner of CF, I always imagined it as best business possible back then. And thank You TosspoT for keeping it a live for so long, you are truly a legend. Cheers to everyone, I'm glad I still have connection with some old ET players atleast on monthly basis.
Still waiting for the end OmegaLUL
No we are not done yet
Apparently didn't happen after all?
Either way, I felt like I stuck with this game to its end, however I was clearly wrong as it appears to still keep going in some fashion. Great job to the few still doing their utmost to keep ET alive!

Thank you, TosspoT, for all of your contributions to this game, you're without doubt one of the major contributors to this game's success -- however small of a success it might have been. Too bad we personally had our conflicts which drew us apart; I guess you had to take a stern stance against cheating. But, honestly, what did you expect from a try-hard 13-or-whatever years old? :)

Ending this site may be long overdue, but if some people still enjoy this game, and this site serves as their hub, why don't you transfer ownership (and legal liability) to whomever in that community, and keep the site alive via donations? Operating the site costs practically nothing, barring any potential GDPR issues.
My brother xxx
<3 how are you mate?
After all these years hax confirmed <3
Didn't I ever confirm it? :D
Anyway, yeah. And nice to see your name again. :)
happy to see site still alive :) all good things must not come to an end
what a run it has been indeed :)
huh... what to say..

it was a game that brought us together into one big community... it was a game of my high school years.. my colleagues and I were sitting at school desks talking about tags, .. about taxs ... about everything that made us so addicted to this lovely game.

Thanks to Toss... but behind him were a lot of guys who helped out.... so thanks everyone!
I'm glad to have been a part of this community......... and i am still and will be always a big fan of ET!

lov u all <3
Jees this is already over a year old. Time runs
coming back to this site every now and then, so i'm happy that it's still around.
good times indeed.
best community i've ever been a part of.
i even like those that hated our team back when we were still lurking around.
cheers. (^o^)/
if i had to start over i would probably not choose to spend as much time on a game and online community as i did back in the years... but damn, the nostalgia is real and it definitely was a good time :D
I never quite got around to doing this and I'm glad I didn't - reading all of these comments about how much this site has meant to so many people is fantastic. I am now an old man of esports and it's been my career for almost two decades, I still tell stories of Crossfire and bore people to death with the 'good old days'
I'm updating my fragmovie database on HDD currently ^_^. Tried to use my ftp to share with others but hosting provider said "no files for pure download" -.-.
you could contact beasty here on cf for some ftp space, think he has his own server
well there are new rumours about an official ET remaster at reddit. just keep it up ;D and maybe integrate discord on this page. most players are there now afaik.
"The good old days" where you got banned for 3 days because of posting pokemon pics :D
Looking back it was awesome :)
Tosspot !!
hello i am indian who wants login, i have been refreshing for years but i cant login but i also not know email
Logged to say: thank you.
2 years later
hello =)
ET died when everyone started cheating, deal with it...

Good old days, watching one4one with some awesome shoutcast

writing this while current cup has 19x 6o6 sign ups so far

update: 26 teams

Waiting for tosspot to press the red button
i hope u get well soon
Tosspot good job! page still up?! :) I left long ago but logged in today again and tried to play on Hirnxxx .. error.. im to old.. wont let me in I guess .. :) tried some other servers without issues.. game is alive still I see.. no good cfg, and it feels so awkward.. :( brings a lot of memories thou.. Guess theres not many around from my days still around? yes im 48 now .. lol /. gobar | gob@r
Hello. what error did u get?
maybe join us on discord.
Still playing big time!!!
Hi, bit of a longshot, but I got send on a nostalgia trip and was reminded of this fragmovie I made. Is there still anyway to retrieve it?
try to send email to cl4ym4n who hosted the file
I will check my storage.
This Account still Works
Happy christmas days to everyone! Nice to read the old names. If the Community wants to meet up without Gaming i could get a Location for us! Greetings
done so much for the game butt. hope all is well :)
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