objtrack.lua script


Lua script that outputs who stole, returned or secured an objective, so instead of only saying "Allies stole x", it says which player did it. Maybe someone finds it useful.
nice one!
Was waiting for this
Now someone needs to make it, so i can scan demos with it
Would be possible with https://www.crossfire.nu/threads/48465/etdd-et-demo-decoder-by-adawolfa as long as the server uses the lua to log the events. And a modified (or not?) hannes' Tech3 Demo API should also be possible to extract basic player steals/returns information (but not secures) even without the lua.
what you do in https://github.com/x0rnn/etpro/blob/master/lua/objtrack.lua should be possible similarly with demo parsing yes, since playerstate.powerups is stored in the demo, but Im not planning any new features atm. Got other things to do :)

or use https://klva.cz/code/amk/etwolf-demo-decoder/src/master/etdd/etdd.go#L72 and find the powerups index in playerstate by running the parser with short test demo where player only takes objective and detecting which playerstate field changed.
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