Tech3 Demo API - 0.1.1

Continuation of hannes's dech 3 demo api

i've added:
  • cut ettv demo (*.tv_84) with selected player's POV.
  • cut from command-line arguments
  • detection of duplicate bullet events from ETTV demos

I use it at my project Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory demo tools to parse json output and analyze it or cut demos from disk or

usage info and binary download:

If you want access to source code, you have to ask hannes (or skooli ) for permission and I'll give you access to my repository
Ok cool but where is mine fragmovie Kimi mate ?:p
Interesting stuff! Well done dude!
would it be possible to add rtcw support :)?
well it should, but I never tried since I don't have the game, sry for late reply
Late late reply but this is super cool Kimi. Well done!
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