4 years later...all good things must actually come to an end

The time has come to put the old girl out to pasture. I wrote about doing so 4 years ago and the 500+ comments were an amazing reminder about what gaming communities are truly all about. However in those 4 years I've spent over 3k+ in bills for the server and considering I visit it about once a year...that's an expensive love affair. Fortunately there's now a wealth of users on this site offering cheaper love affairs at 5 star hotels ;)

I've set the server billing to Do Not Renew and I'm pretty sure the site is in breach of 8000 data privacy laws these days so it might be best to let it go rather than have someone take it over. Thank you all for the beautiful memories. I made a career and a life in gaming in large part through the lessons and experiences I had with Crossfire and for that I'm forever grateful.
I can't seem to edit this journal but also wanted add thanks to Ohurcool & Thomm for keeping the delete button well used and keeping the site usable against the spambots
I want to mention Jinosta as well for cleaning up this website day in, day out. I’ve done my fair bit as well out of respect for this website, but especially Jinosta can’t be forgotten in that regards.
Thanks Sebhes, the amount of spam from bots is crazy on this site <3
But .. where we post our RtCW and ET stuff then? D:
i was 16 when i joined crossfire I think, now I am 29. it's insane to think about really to be attatched to some website, but it's about the community not the url. even if i havent been active for the past 3-4 years... thanks for keeping up the memories, everything comes to an end, or more like everything is in motion and changes. it would be cool to archive all of the articles, movies and stuff, not sure how possible it is but yeah

checked my profile, member for 18 years and 2 months.. what is time? LOL

cya crossfire <3
<3 rip, great memories
Thanks for everything stew! RIP My profile :(
RIP, when is the final shutdown ?
I was here
rip in rip
Thank you for all the things you and your staff have done for ET over the years through crossfire. Maybe someone can take over the domain and host a static page to redirect users to where the community is.

cu lan
Its time. RiP and Thx for the 1000 cless posts I could make haha <3
Thanks, GG & <3

Shoutout to everyone I played with and against!

It was a great run while it lasted. Thanks to everyone for the great memories. And a special thanks to TosspoT for keeping it going well beyond what we could've asked for.
I'm seriously going to miss going through old messages, journals, news articles. Loads of great memories will shortly become a complete thing of the past.

What date will be the last day?
Coincidentally I am seeing this now, rarely do I log in anymore.

I remember the predecessor, xfire.be, about 20 years ago. Then this website came . For years I participated and was active on this website. Had great times! Although I certainly still play games occasionally, life has moved on (two daughters in the meantime...).

Thanks TosspoT and others who made this website, as well as the beautiful LANs, possible!

Bye :-)
Ballie, we will never forget !!
I have 2 sons now. Had a great time with u and everyone else. I wish u the best of luck in the rest of your life !
Hi Dnzl! Didnt expect this, great to read! We surely had a great time. Miss it sometimes :-)

The best to you aswell. We will never forget <3
I'm not so sure which privacy laws this website is in breach of but @TosspoT, if you are still reading this and you have my phonenumber (as I only have your old UK number which you probably don't use anymore) then contact me, so we can have a short talk about possible solutions to keep the site up.
Ronner for the rescue!
GDPR at a minimum I would guess. Automatic prompt (email) for inactive account deletion, accept cookie policy prompt, optional 2 factor auth, updated min password complexity etc.
If it's doing something with google analytics or whatever, then sure, a cookie permission should be asked, or even simpler, remove google analytics from the site. I don't think anybody that runs this site is interested in who visits it so you can simply remove that.

As for 2 factor auth, password complexity etc.. that has nothing to do with privacy laws. Sites are not force to implement 2fa or enforce a certain password complexity. They may be forced to use proper password hashing in certain countries, maybe.

I'm not sure what you mean with the automatic prompt for inactive account deletion. Is that an email being sent out that your account will be deleted if you don't sign in and the fact that that email does not have an unsubscribe option or something?
Oh yeah I'm hoping most of them are a relatively quick fix (or no action required) but was assuming that GPDR was the main one to check against. At a minimum there would need to be a privacy policy covering the usage of user data (even if it is minimal/nil).

Agree, 2fa isn't directly mentioned but should be considered for general security reasons (guessing some people use a personal email address) especially admin/higher privilege access accounts. Security is a core principal of GDPR.

GDPR is meant to prevent storage of user data beyond the period it is required for. So most websites automatically send a notification to users that their account will be deleted if it is inactive for a pre-determined timeframe (usually set out in the privacy policy, for example ESL use 4 years inactivity).
1) identify the personal data collected (i dont remember what information one provides when registering here, but an e-mail is an obvious one)
2) update privacy policy according to 1)
3) personal data from inactive accounts should be deleted
4) cookie prompt with an easy way to withdraw consent
5) make the site secure

good to go.
Lets host it in bangladesh or whereever warez-bb is hosted. Should be safe!
Shoutout to ronner ! The most friendly dutch guy out there together with Cash !
Lol, not really, but thx ;-)
It always do something when Tosspot announce something like this..
Crossfire has been part of Wolfenstein History and seeing it disappear is a part of Wolfenstein who disappear toi

Would have been great to keep some good old Journals & co

I know there are archivals thing like "Wayback Machine" and co


Where we can save "forever" some pages

Thank you Tosspot
The day has finally come.

Thanks to all for the games and being a huge part of my younger years.

We need another community we can all go to.

Time to take screenshots of profiles etc…

All the best.
Please archive the entire site somewhere.

18 years, 2 months and 12 days, was hoping this would get to 20 years :,)
How about: hold on until the site is 20 years old, have a 20 year anniversary event and go out with a bang!
I won't cry... I won't cry...

I won't...
Too much information and history.

Would be great if someone could host it and do some small fixes to avoid the spam bots.

It's been an amazing run. Thanks everyone for making it possible.
Just a few days ago i discovered a shared file on my Google Drive called CF4 Bugs (from when i was a tester), created in 2012... 10 years ago!

Goodbye friends
Sad to see this go, youth memories with great nostalgia, it's like visiting a town you've left after several years, finding familiar spots.
Have a nice life y'all. :<
Have a good life vila. Wish you all the best !
Bye bye this was a great Community
was nice to meet you m1Ke!
Take care guys!! Memories will last forever. <3
Thanks for the great memories and keeping it alive for this long!
After more than 16 years I am still visiting this site regularly.
Probably more frequently than I use facebook.
Sad to see this site go down.

For people who want to stay in touch with each other, there is a Telegram Group:
same group, different link:

Maybe the domain crossfire.nu can stay alive and just redirect to a page with further information to new communities (discord,telegram...)?
Just migrate the website to some cheaper provider. I am pretty sure there are a lot of ET oldies willing to host it for free.
This is the last piece of rtcw / ET history and u want to kill it :(
your profile picture is now finally starting to make sense
Thanks for all the effort everyone put in this website. It has been fun!
weird coincidence that I keep visiting this site once every leap year when it's due for closing.. :)
thanks again, then, and good bye :)
Since the Steam release, I’ve seen a huge increase in the ET content on YouTube. People are actually more active than ever and there’s possibility of building a new community. It’ll be full of low skilled players but weren’t we all like that? Costs on hosting this site and content should not be expensive.

Get over to the Steam ET forums and you’ll see activity, then begin promoting. Special events, popular YouTuber promotions etc…. The old gal doesn’t need to die.
Thanks for the memories everybody! :)
Timbo, I haven't spoken to you in decades and lost your contact details. Thank you for organizing the LANs together back in 2015. If it wasn't for you, it wouldn't have been possible <3
Yeah life happened :-P. Great to see you still put very much effort into this game. Any other site/channel everybody is going to hang out now? Want to play ET some time again. You all good?
image: im-not-crying-youre-crying

Good times.
All the best everyone, it was a fantastic run.
Soon we can finally live in peace with our nicknames
Haha, I still remember the first time we had a disagreement who was the original.

In my defence, I was absolutely certain that it was pronounced 'scarce' as in 'the material used in batteries, lithium, is scarce'.
Hello guys!

I’m probably on the point of it like many of you and visiting this amazing website just few times per year to remind good old times with ET and can’t even realize that website could be down 4 ever..

I was wondering last week if there is any chance to keep this game alive on competitive level. It is really difficult to find like 60-70 people to do something like one day cups at least once a month?

Going back to the website closure topic :

Tosspot, did you think to open some donations to keep this website alive? I’m pretty sure that a lot of us could pay some penny (including myself) to help keep this alive?

Really I believe that donations idea could help us to keep this website alive. @Tosspot I’m guessing if you spent +/- £3k for keep it for last 4 years it cost now monthly like £60/70? I’ve seen just in this article that we have a lot of members could pay anything. When it’s a renewal date? I could pay for a month at least for now if needed. Next year ET will celebrate 20 years since release date and that could be a good opportunity to celebrate it together here. I’m quite busy now till end of the year but from the new year I can help with some things here, if needed.

As I mentioned above - I was wondering if there is any chance to keep ET competitive scene alive and I was thinking if we’ll setup donations as regular basis on monthly subscriptions or something similar, then we should easily go above of major topic target (keep this website alive) and use surplus for example to organize a one day cup once a month at least with prizes or something. What’s the best motivation to play a game if not money? ;) sounds like lottery but at least on the end, even if you loose - it will be a good evening with old ET lads ;)

Who knows - maybe finally we will be surprises by Activision/ID or whoever got rights to the Wolfenstein games right know next year :)

There’s much cheaper web hosting solutions. The site hardly generates any traffic and there appears to be little media stored. Any small hosting company could take this site on for a few pound a month.
Yeah, you prbly right. But all now on Tosspot’s hands. If needed, I would be more than happy to participate on the costs to keep this website alive, especially now when that great news about next year LAN was announced.
there is no need to keep this site alive, its waste of money. CF is archived on archive.org
I’m not gonna agree with that. You might not believe on it and you have right to it but in my opinion crossfire it’s more important to keep this competitive scene alive, especially if we’re thinking to bring some old school players into the game and if we want to make sure that next year LAN will happen. I’m pretty sure there is a lot of old school players like me who never been a huge fan of discord (I’ve just installed it few days ago) and without this site I could never find out about lan plans or whatever. There is still a lot of us looking into this website quite regularly a few times per month and it is a good source to find out what’s going on. Keeping this website alive will help this game to survive. Of course we have others sources but even in these modern days - Find me at least one page on Facebook/Twitter or whatever (excluding discord) that is quite regularly updated about what’s going on with RTCW/ET games. Killing this page will be the final headshot to our game.

About waste of money - as some of us mentioned above there is a lot of options to provide cheaper server or even put it somewhere for free or make donations. Hope that Tosspot as a main admin is still looking on it and reading these comments. I totally understand that he might not have a time or sources to keep it but it’s few of us at least that could help with it if necessary.
I didnt say anything about crossfire.nu domain which could just be static site that would point to discord/reddit/... and have same important news there too.
Yeah. I know what you mean but static page will never replace a “real” website anyway ;(
If you mean that static website can't host discussion of people. Some forum could be created if people don't like to use reddit. I guess people can't shit-talk as much there as here :D
I want to add that I hate the discord and its closed-garden nature even though I develop and host the bot which is used for gathers. I wish people would move to IRC or matrix but that isn't happening anytime soon
Yeah, I need a time to get familiar with Discord but looks better than I expected. I’m quite shocked what happened to IRC and how people forget about it. It’s not even about quakenet network but whole IRC idea of project…
Its the Inevitable End thats finally coming :( <3

16 years, 10 months and 28 days

So I was 13 y old when I made my account here. xD Time sure flies...

rip <3

Good memories from this site and game.

Was nice meeting you TosspoT and have a beer. I remember 1 beer was enough for me :D
18 years, 3 months and 3 days and still counting. But... only 999 profile hits. Overrated for sure ! :D

I check the website now and then but i've stopped playing ET on a decent level in 2007. CPC2 was for sure my highlight.
36 years old now. Married for five years. 2 sons. God damn, i feel old.

I will never forget what the game ET was all about. I thank everyone who made my ET time a great time !

Shoutout to TosspoT !

Shoutout to all the rest, cZar/zerobarrier, moomoofarm and pstarZ in particular !
RIP in peace sweet prince
thank you mister
ET is out of G.A.S. GJ guys, you still managed to make it sail for many years. I wish much fun for your upcoming LAN!

I return to CF from time to time and check who is alive. Miss this like football with childhood friends. Fortuntely I am still in touch w some HU/EU CLANMATES:)

Shout out to my HUN mates and to those HUNS who I dont rly like :D, Savak, Belgian o6, shmoe's Well educated hurensohn community velerion, pWs, the worst Q3 player: z3R0, wheelchairskillaDman, veryoldbv. Rip twnzy! Szeretlek TrojAn. raypiel's gunz.

r0n1n and Seewi are a couple now.

CU Ventrilo 20:00, Radar tax then selfdestruction vs low+ IRC war:)

Love and Best wishes! May the PBBan catch us all
Don't hesitate to bring the cave guys back for the RtCW LAN ;-)

Hope the site is archived (someone will probably have to go scrape it all).
the site is on archive.org
Goodbye everyone.
17 years, 2 months and 4 days , it was a grateful ride so many teenage memories around here and met so many people from other countries while making friendships , best times ever.
You will be missed xfire / cf but not forgotten , </3 rip .
just 3 words: Thank you TosspoT!
it was a good time
Thanks for all the memories guys.

I feel honoured to have been part of almost everybody's crossfire / ET experience during these 20 years and I apologise for my past prepubescent behaviour. We were all very young and immature, and now all old(er) and hopefully more mature.

It is now time to rest my banhammer, along with this website.

Thank you TosspoT for setting up the foundations of this community and game. I still remember the first time we met face to face at CiC7, some memories I will cherish forever.

Will miss you all so much.
Good times! Best wishes to all!!
Thanks for keeping this running for so long.
Thanks for everything and good bye <3
Many thanks TosspoT for running this site so long, and for everything you did for this community. Thanks to all for the good and memorable games and for all the fun this game has given.

18 years and 8 days
Profile hits: 1337
Thank you for everything.

I hope there will be some kind of archive for crossfire. I'm still thinking about the old xfire and swertcw from time to time. Would love to see the old sites once more. ;(
i don't get the download working with Mac. help me pls
download of what?
Thanks, but I know these already. The layout is broken and there are only a few pages archived compared to the real sites. And features like search aren't working.
if only few pages are there then its rip.

Layout can be fixed with css if someone would want to do that

If you want to have some kind of search you can download whole domain from web.archive using https://github.com/hartator/wayback-machine-downloader and then just search in files
18 years, 3 months and 12 days. Atleast my profile hit adulthood before its demise.
16 years, 7 months and 1 day

good times

image: iAolbVj
RIP, will be missed
so that Ronner hosting it, is no opportunity or what? stop saying its the end. if u shut this site down, it will be dead #that would be sad and doesn't make any sense, I can understand u don't wanna "waste" money for a kinda dead project. but if u shut it down it will be dead forever even though it isn't.
It was great to be a part of this community. ET will forever remain the best FPS package a game could offer.

Wow, has it really come to an end? It's been so long since I've first visited xfire.be, met some awesome people and had great times, as I still hop on to ET now and then it's devastating that all this will cease to exist :(

To all the people that I know and everyone here, stay well and thank you for awesome times!

Best. Game. Ever.
Rather than "takeover", maybe you can take a backup of the disk before the server goes down, in case someone did want to publish an archive of journals etc
Tree with the facts
I created account over 16 years ago :<.

What is the date of... the end?
Only check back here every now and then for nostalgia reasons but always think about what others play these days (if anything at all).

Anyway, it was a blast but probably the right call to make.

Best wishes everyeone!

Im sure some of the people would actually donate each month for the site to stay alive, in 4 years 3k€ divided by xxx players shouldnt be that much.. Im up for it :)
You could easily host this site for €10pm.
Would be 100% run by donations easily (that old price or anyprice), ppl have been working what, 10-20 years. If we cant put that little amount on autopay monthly for the loved game..
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