Codec H.264 Length 17:01

Golden Pumpkins

Hah, yet another fragmovie while the site is still up. The name is a combination of our protagonist's gather ranks in the EU RTCW Discord.

Frags from 2021-2022, mostly gathers, some from mixes and team matches. I tried to be quite selective with the pf frags, picking only the better ones. The smg part is a bit more like a frag dump.

Only rtcwpro frags so no freecams and stuff. The mod has no support for that yet.

Killer - Hurricane
Stoned Statues - Stoned Statues
Audioslave - Sound of a Gun
Flogging Molly - The Story So Far
Sun Spot - Future Is Bright (Original Mix)
Are you telling me that there are ET maps ported to RtCW? Looks like I've literally missed out few years of RtCW scene...

Anyway, about the movie itself - looks like after first song and synchronized panzer frags, you got lazier and lazier sync'ing the rest of stuff. Anyway - crisp and clean video with no extra info on screen. Enjoyed it!
Yeah, there are some ET maps nowadays. Not everybody likes them and not all of them are played that much. :D

You're right about syncing. The pf frags and songs are synced but I didn't bother that much with the smg frags. There's some minor sync here and there but that's about it.
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