ET Anniversary Fall Cup 3on3 Qualifiers

Thank you to all players who have showed interest in playing in the ET Anniversary Fall Cup.

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We are proud to present the ET Anniversary Fall Cup.

We received a total of 11 sign ups for the 3on3 tournament and 9 sign ups for the 6on6 tournament. Because we only have 8 spots available per format, four teams in the 3on3 and two teams in the 6on6 need to fight for the remainder spots in the tournament. The competitors are selected based on initial seeding. The following teams are selected to battle it out!


3on3 - Round 1:
  • match A: Europe ABBA vs Poland RZEMIENIE
  • match B: Iceland error vs Europe uGc
  • Europe Cannon Fodder vs Slovenia Purans

3on3 - Round 2:
  • Winner A - Winner B

During the qualifiers both teams get to eliminate one map from the map pool, subsequently teams will coin toss to decide which team will first pick a map, consecutive maps are chosen alternately. The qualifiers are a Best Of 5. This means that the first team to win a total of 3 maps wins the match. The map pool can be found in the ET Anniversary Fall Cup Announcement post.

Keep in mind that the matches are forced to be played tonight. The 3on3 and 6on6 matches are scheduled for 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT) and 21:30 CET (20:30 GMT) respectively, but teams are free to deviate from this time. Tomorrow we want to announce the official start of the tournament.

Only 1 team per format will qualify.
EDIT: both Europe Cannon Fodder vs Slovenia Purans are qualified due to a drop out.

In January, we will host a future Winter League. This format will feature several divisions in which teams can compete against each other. In case you did not manage to qualify for the Fall Cup, please reconsider signing up in future editions. More information on this tournament will follow in December. Furthermore, we aim to host an One Day Cup on the 10th of December.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
Next time i'm sure teams will have more time to get together.

Let's go for the future boyssssss
Due to an additional last minuten sign up (in time), we have to update the schedule. We will post the finalized version at 13:45 CET.
who won the qualis?
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