Looking for old FM

Hello guys!

I know that it might be difficult but at least I’m gonna try.

I’m wondering if we have someone here who’s keeping old ET fragmovies.

I’m looking for my short fragmovie made by drj3w and released in 2k10. It was called “ght - discover new world or discovere new world” and originally uploaded to own3d.at website at these time but it was quickly closed. Unfortunately never uploaded on YT.

Any luck guys?

Ps. I’m pretty sure I’ve got it like most RTCW or ET fragmovies on my old hard drives and planning finally to upload all of them (especially these missed nowadays) on some ftp server and give them second life ;) the think is that I’m living abroad and will sort it out next year. Just asking about my movie because it would be nice to see it earlier if someone somehow keep it.

Ps2. #keep_crossfire_alive ❤️

i always tought "drj3w" was "Drew", until i put two and two together

didnt check but best pick would be around there i suppose

meanwhile you are searching for it, I recommend to order food and other snacks and have a movienight with your companion: https://www.crossfire.nu/videos/1830/reminiscence-of-the-nerdest-nsd-cae
Yeah, checked there already..

About your movie: 2.5hrs of fragging - I’ve seen that available on YouTube before but never had a time to watch it, so gonna do that soon, definitely. Nice piece of history ;)
i need demos from et own3d where were my 2 awesome fragmovies
Rip my whole playlist from th3re
Iiiii fixeroszka 8D siema byku! Kupę lat! Mam nadzieję, że u Ciebie wszystko ok!
witam :D wszystko ok, mam nadzieje, ze u Ciebie tez! pykasz w jakies gierki?
W ostatnich pięciu latach, to tylko ps4. FIFA/F1/Wormsy i te sprawy. Za bardzo czasu nie było na jakieś FPS-y, a ET nie odpalałem bodajże od 2016 roku:o Teraz przymierzam się do pogrania coś ponownie, ale zapierdol, przeprowadzki plus padł mi laptop i nowego jeszcze nie kupiłem i tak jakoś się przeciąga w czasie. Mam nadzieję, że ogarnę to w najbliższym czasie i będę mógł coś „postrzelać” :p choć podejrzewam, że może być więcej wstydu, niż to warte :D
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