RTCW: Tavern Rush - Purmerend 2023

On the back of last year’s very successful LAN even in Ghent, Belgium and some teasing updates, we are extremely proud and excited to announce our LAN event for 2023!


Key Dates:
Friday 21st April, 2023 - Friday Night Magic (FNM)
Saturday 22nd April, 2023 - 6v6 Group Stage
Sunday 23rd April, 2023 - 6v6 Playoffs

We are also very pleased to announce that EARLY BIRD TICKET SALES are now OPEN

You will find all the key details for the event over at https://events.rtcwlive.com/ along with the ability to grab your team and Friday Night Magic Spots.

We will of course, continue to keep you updated on all other general information such as, hotel recommendations/travel options/bars etc. However, if you do any specific queries/questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the admins listed below.

United Kingdom Ditto
United Kingdom Neo
Belgium Graecos
Belgium homie
Belgium Jin
France Spike
Netherlands crabje
Netherlands Enigma
Netherlands Joep
Finland nizouuuu
Estonia zed

As with our previous event, the community is what makes these events special and they are not possible without your support. Donations for the event are also possible through the website should you wish to show your support. All donations are greatly appreciated and go towards the event itself and prizes.

Don't hesitate to join our discord channel to stay tuned: https://discord.com/invite/TGXAh6FGEx

Thank you all for your continued support.

See you all at TAVERN RUSH - PURMEREND 2023!

The LAN-admin team.
Good luck guys!!
Thx mate ! Don't hesitate to come and say hi !
Will do. I regret not being able to visit last one
People were not believing me when I told them there will be a LAN at Polandh2o's house
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