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image: preparefortouchdown
image: preparefortouchdown
image: preparefortouchdown

Those were the droids I was looking for...

This is Sensational...

Best website ever!

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14:35 @Thomm • does other countries have concept of "morkkis", the embarrasment and shame after heavy drinking and doing something stupid?
14:35 @Thomm • wont dare to answer phone or anything
14:38 @Thomm • at after-party, friend asked if i wanna play rockstar too
14:38 @Thomm • with xbox or was it playstation
14:38 @Thomm • now i owe him a TV because i threw it out from the balcony :/

18:13 humM3L • im not gay
18:13 humM3L • i kiss every week
18:13 humM3L • new girls
18:13 humM3L • and fuck her : /

15:35 unforgiven • your troll is bad and unsuficient to affect me


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The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist
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