cheater confession journal

Now that Tosspot is going to kill this website for good u faggots can finally admit which cheat u were using
(or still are?)
Someone summon Killerboy
nt killerboy
chaplja is it you?
I cheated at a biology test once on 7th grade by copying an answer from the guy who sat next to me.
I did, obviously..
But honestly the TZAC thing stopped me, I didn't cheat once after that was launched -- so it wasn't all bad
shit, ur name at the time was even Zodihax iirc haha
still is in CS etc, it's less likely to be occupied
fucking cheater :D
MoHAA to piss off friends with a shark script… feel guilty about it still. Forgive me for I sinned!
no wonder you were, that cheat would have to be worst thing ever created xD
I recently bought Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice, and holy fuck it is impossible without reading the tips every now and then, I just have to look them up.

sadly didn't have the time for continuing and got stuck at attempting to get the two dudes their used panties and a soft roll of toilet paper.. did I miss out on smth or is it kinda lame anyway?
I haven't got that far, got kinda bored because it felt such a click-chore to proceed without the help....
rsHook when I was more retarded than usual :)
Never cheated, except once on a student party I cheated on my ex-gf. Thats 12 years ago.
Believe or not i never cheated any official gaming or in any proper practise games neither!!!

sure its not a secret that i did cheat and test some in some "home games" or whatever u wanna call em, hell there is even clips of that shit :D

Also noone from KRP.ET did cheat neither in any official gaming, even though everyone thought so lol
I was absolutely convinced KRP cheated :D
Been cheating since dHb started competing on clanbase. Obviously never could get the right parameters for my bot.
Ronner, I would like to intrude on your comment in order to apologise. Retrospectively, I apologise for my past petulant behaviour and now understand why you used to hate me.

Every night before going to bed I get clear vivid images of your CiC interview, bashing me and calling me out to beat me up, I have only managed to survive through all this trauma by crying myself to sleep.

Jokes aside, I hope you can forgive me, I still remember being scared of you at CiC7 and even though you appeared to be intimidating, you tried to comfort me and counsel me, for that I thank you.
All the secrets will be buried.
I have been summoned.

How can I be of service?


I should be invited in I was there too :(
Kiewan only had access to that mate </3
what a journal, Killerboy
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