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Golden Pumpkins

Golden Pumpkins

Hah, yet another fragmovie while the site is still up. The name is a combination of our protagonist's gather ranks in the EU RTCW Discord.

Frags from 2021-2022, mostly gathers, some from mixes and team matches. I tried to be quite selective with the pf frags, picking only the better ones. The smg part is a bit more like a frag dump.

Only rtcwpro frags so no freecams and stuff. The mod has no support for that yet.

Killer - Hurricane
Stoned Statues - Stoned Statues
Audioslave - Sound of a Gun
Flogging Molly - The Story So Far
Tavern Rush Ghent 2022 - RTCW LAN Aftermovie

Tavern Rush Ghent 2022 - RTCW LAN Aftermovie

The site isn't down just yet so here is the Tavern Rush Ghent 2022 RTCW LAN Aftermovie.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein had its 20th anniversary in 2021. The European RTCW community decided to organize a LAN event for their beloved game. The event took place from 22nd to 24th April 2022 in Ghent, Belgium at Barvatar Gaming Bar.

A couple of things worth mentioning:
1) Sunday's stream had some audio issues and nothing could be done to that unfortunately.
2) I experienced a HDD failure during the editing process and had to use a previously rendered preview of the stream highlights part as a backup so the quality might suffer a bit and there's at least one clip totally out of place.

Thanks to everyone
who made this event

Everyone attending.
Everyone donating.
Barvatar and the crew.

Event admins:

Graphics and stream:


Aftermovie by

Songs used:

Chime - Lifelong [NCS Release]
Igor Pumphonia - Quest Fantastic Future
Kevin McLeod - Bushwick Tarentella - Thatched Villagers
Angus & Friends - Walk In Rio
High Maintenance - Change Your Ways (feat. Charlotte Haining) [NCS Release]
Rogers & Dean - Jungle [NCS Release]
Cartoon - C U Again feat. Mikk Mäe (Cartoon vs Futuristik VIP) [NCS Release]
Enigma Decrypted

Enigma Decrypted

It's time for the second chapter in my post 2020 RTCW panzermovie series.

Enigma Decrypted

A Return to Castle Wolfenstein fragmovie starring the man of a thousand gather matches, Enigma.
Frags from 2020 and 2021.

Kursed - Perfect Mean
Farkus - Uninvited to Life
Reminiscence of THE NERDEST (nsd & cae)

Reminiscence of THE NERDEST (nsd & cae)

TEASER (2021):
TRAILER (2014):

This is our "too long to watch" type of movie including footage from 2004-2015.

Footage in this fragmovie is chosen with the idea of being able to remember different eras and players that we spent time with in the game.
While missing most demo files compared to the amount of matches played, we still wanted to try to include different memories from older times as well, whether the material is impressive or not.


The movie was left undone for 5-6 years, but during these years we figured how strong our ties are with W:ET, so we wanted to have a somewhat proper way to reminiscence the time spent with the game, together.
It led to the inspiration of being able to finish this project after all.
GMPOmovie (aka Grown Man Panzering Online)

GMPOmovie (aka Grown Man Panzering Online)

Uh... so things happened and I found myself playing RTCW again last autumn. And what's even better, they asked me to play PF. Here are some frags from pracs, officials, gathers and random mixed games between August 2020 and June 2021.
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