ET Anniversary LAN Announcement

Beloved players, today is the day, we can finally announce the locked in date and location for the LAN. Having talked to a lot of people and discussed several options over the past weeks and months, we made the decision to go with a location, where we know, what we are getting. We would like to thank everyone for their recommendations!

image: Uzf9tyV

A lot of people are working hard to offer ET and its players a good platform to compete. Seeing the increased activity, the comebacks, the hard work by so many people in the background, divided on different portals and not to forget people organizing teams, is really great to see and motivates us. Too many people to list and thank them all in this post. The aforementioned motivation made us set up an offline-event, which we are really looking forward to.

Together we can make the impossible happen!

Event details

  • Where? h20 esports in Purmerend
  • When? From Friday, May 26th 09:00 CEST to Sunday, May 28th 20:00 CEST
  • What? 6on6 & 3on3 Tournament
  • Who? Tournament staff: Poland Bystry, Sweden Ekto, Belgium eMMiel, Netherlands Helldembez, Netherlands Sebhes
This will be the first LAN hosted on ET Legacy. For now, we do not make an announcement concerning the prize pool, because it will depend on the amount of sign-ups.

Sign ups

Team Captains should always keep in touch with the admins! Sign-ups will be done via private messaging at least one of the three admins. Deadline for sign-ups and payments will be the 16th of April 2023, 11.59 pm. After the deadline there will be a seeding tournament to keep the event as fair and competitive as possible.

6on6 tournament
  • 65 € per person
  • PayPal fee: +5.00 Euro per Transaction (no fee for bank transfer)
►► Sign up by sending a pm either to Poland Bystry, Belgium eMMiel, Sweden Ekto, Netherlands Helldembez or Netherlands Sebhes with the flag, the teamname and the actual lineup

3on3 tournament
  • 35 € per person
  • PayPal fee: +5.00 Euro per Transaction (no fee for bank transfer)
►► Sign up by sending a pm either to Poland Bystry, Belgium eMMiel, Sweden Ekto, Netherlands Helldembez or Netherlands Sebhes with the flag, the teamname and the actual lineup

After the team captain has provided us with the necessary information and their interest in taking part in the event, we will provide him with the payment details and if needed, other necessary information. Please contact an admin as soon as possible, if you have any issues to pay until April 16th 2023.


Europe Netherlands GiZmOoO
Netherlands hayaa
Netherlands iNsAne
Belgium Jere
Netherlands outlAw
Netherlands Sebhes

Europe Portugal hAFER
Germany Lazy
Germany mKs
Europe TBA
Europe TBA
Europe TBA

Netherlands Netherlands iNTER.
Netherlands TYMO
Netherlands rezta
Netherlands zenix
Europe TBA
Europe TBA

Europe Poland Bystry
Netherlands krepox
France MousS
Norway Sinche
Poland soNny
Portugal takerjay

Europe United Kingdom R0SS
Scotland razz
Scotland Jinosta
Belgium chry
Europe TBA
Europe TBA

Italy Italy Alprax
Italy Alprax 2
Italy HeDo
Italy Mamalukes
Italy Plainkey
Europe TBA

Europe Netherlands Nitro
United Kingdom Shaman
Netherlands Sebhes

Europe Netherlands GiZmOoO
Netherlands iNsAne
Netherlands outlAw

More information surrounding the event, the location and other tournaments are to come. We will do our very best to provide an awesome and high quality event. Expect to see some special stuff, which we will be announcing as soon as we can. We are hoping for a smooth event, a lot of fun and some exciting matches. Bear in mind, this is a community oriented event. Together we made a lot happen and we are not done yet! Questions, criticism and suggestions are appreciated. We are doing our best to eliminate problems as fast and good as possible.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about the cup! We can be reached on discord or through a Crossfire PM.

Poland Bystry
Sweden Ekto
Belgium eMMiel
Netherlands Helldembez
Netherlands Sebhes

QuoteIn light of Tosspots' recent announcement, the future of this website is limited. Future news items will therefore be shared on different platforms, including discord, GamesTV, Facebook and more. Please stay tuned if you are interested in attending this event.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
Starting in January, we will host our follow tournament: ET Anniversary Winter League. To those players who are interested in attending, but have not managed to create a team, we will create a seperate recruitment thread soon as well.
Airport to the venue is 30minutes for anyone wondering
Lots of potential amigo!

Just need to sort a team and place to stay after new year :)
Lol same location as rtcw LAN
Probably avi for both formats :)

Pm on discord
Probably avi for both formats :)

Pm on discord

cu @ lan
Long live ET!
Yes sir! :D
gl everyone involved
meet u @ toilet
Guess i'm visiting Purmerend.
See you there!
avi, rifle only, high skill
Avi for both formats
Can someone host a normal public server on ET Legacy? Something like BiO or efterlyst was.
Yo. Just saw the location.. wow! Good job, GL with the event!
We need a rifleownator!
Hab 2 Jahre nimmer gespielt und bin einfach zu dumm diese neue ET Version zu installieren, daran scheitert es :-p
Bekomme nächste Woche n neuen Rechner, werde es dann nochmal versuchen zu installieren :)
Dann schauen wir mal weiter
Ich schreib dir mal bei whatsapp dann können wir ja mal drüber labern.
avi top 3 only
Not all heroes wear capes but I hope admins will wear capes at this event.
Available for the LAN, already living in Amsterdam so I won't have a long to the venue!
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