Looking for good config in 2023

Hey guys,
me and some old mates want to play ET again. We are looking for some nice configs which can be played on a good computer. Do you all play on your old config or are there better ones nowadays?

regards kaTze

e: And where can we find a 3v3 match? Last time was like 10 years ago on irc :D
Basically I could say that IRC has been replaced by discord.

Whole ET competitive moved from ETPro to ET:Legacy.

All interesting stuff, gathers or any other things you can find on this discord: https://discord.gg/u7NBTJ6eQV

Regarding configs: I haven’t had a chance yet to play on Legacy mode but as far I know there is some website script where you can easily transfer your etpro config to legacy one or find someone who can help you with it @ discord ;)

Thank you for that good info. Will check out ET:Legacy discord channel!
On Friday there will be a new legacy release that will allow for custom HUD editing in the UI.
In legacy, you can also make 95% of your CFG in the UI. The 5% is the custom scripts you might want to make.

If you want to not start off from scratch, checkout my CFG in the channel descrption:
tyvm will check it out
ask perfo
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