Elysium ~ Public by Moe's

Today, we officially launch: Elysium ~ Public by Moe’s


QuoteElysium was found in december of 2014 consisting of the players GiZmOoO, Hayaa, iNsAne, Jere, outlAw and Sebhes. A collaboration between former teams ‘xD Trickjump, and viSual with as purpose to conquer and become the best like no one ever was. Three years later, in 2017, we fulfilled our dream. An emotional moment that stands out in our life to this day.

Eight years later, we are still together and as motivated as ever to win our third LAN title. As a team we had our ups and our downs. It always motivated us to become stronger. It’s safe to say that at this point in time we we do not only consider each other friends, but family.

After hundreds of matches, including many titles, we want to give back to the community. In partnership with Moe, we launch Elysium ~ Public by Moe’s.

A public server where competitive players can play for free. Please come by to warm up, shoot a headshot or simply to say hello. We appreciate each and everyone for their continuously support throughout the years. It is a major reason why we are still around to this day. Thank you!

Enemy Territory, a game for ETernity.
Feels like a reborn of BiO*
probably the gayest thing iv read.
Haha you absolute fool :D

Prepare your comeback for once. R0SS is missing you
it's ok to b gay
Gav is it gay to make a comeback? Asking for a friend
No Tommy, it is not gay. But you can meet us in Bar69 when you’re back plz.
Finally a legacy server that isnt 50% bots or 25v25 spamfest.
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