Are you ready? Elysium vs mongols

The highly anticipated Grand Final of the ET Anniversary Winter League is finally upon us, with the fierce rivals Elysium and Mongols set to battle it out in a best-of-seven showdown starting at 20:30 CET tonight.

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We are proud to present the ET Anniversary Winter League.

Europe Elysium

Netherlands GiZmOoO
Netherlands hayaa
Netherlands iNsAne
Belgium Jere
Netherlands outlAw
Netherlands Sebhes

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Grand Final
Europe Elysium has to win twice
Best of Seven


Poland Abj
Czech Republic Bobika
Finland mayan
France uYop
Finland Webe
Poland WuT

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  • Pre match interview with both captains Finland mayan and Netherlands Sebhes
  • Where to watch?
  • Post match interview with both captains Finland mayan and Netherlands Sebhes

Promotional video

The stakes couldn't be higher for both teams, with Elysium coming from the lower bracket and needing to win twice to take home the championship title. But that won't deter either side from giving it their all, and fans are in for a thrilling night of competitive gaming. And if that's not enough to get you excited, our dear friend United States of America ipod took some time to create the following promotion video for tonight:

Where to watch?

Several players will stream the match of tonight:

Interviewing both captains

We caught up with the captains of both teams to get their thoughts on the upcoming match. Finland Mayan, the captain of Mongols, and Netherlands Sebhes, the captain of Elysium, shared their insights on their respective teams' preparations, strategies, and what they think it will take to win. Read on to find out what they had to say!

Finland mayan
  1. Can you tell us about the team's preparations leading up to the Grand Final?
    Well, we havent prepared pretty much in any other way than mentally, since for us its hard to find any praccs.

  2. How does it feel to be the clear favorites going into tomorrow's match?
    Being favorites or not doesnt change how we will approach the game.

  3. Elysium has been the defending champions for the last two LANs. Do you think your team has what it takes to defeat them?
    I think from what we have so far seen in Legacy, we are fairly confident to get the job done without problems.

  4. Mongols have a reputation for toxic behavior in the community. Do you think this will affect your performance in the Grand Final?
    If anything, our toxicity will enchance our performance, it never reaches inside the team during games.

  5. Some people have criticized your team's playstyle as being too aggressive and reckless. How do you respond to these criticisms?
    I hope those said people study our games more carily and realise its one of the reasons why we do so well.

  6. How do you plan to counter Elysium's strategies in the match?
    We are not aware of Elysium bringing out anything special out of their bag for this game, with them having the LAN and whatnot in the horizon. We will approach this game as we do any other game and do what we do best.

  7. Can you talk about any specific players on your team who you think will play a key role in tomorrow's match?
    Obviously uYop is our key man and we hope for him to be in the best place possible. That being said we have many players capable of changing the game. It could be a Webe 3-man panzer or an uYop haircut show.

  8. Elysium has a history of being a formidable opponent. Are there any specific challenges you anticipate facing when playing against them?
    Well, we have been going back and forth with Elysium since late 2019(?) and since the switch to Legacy we have pulled away quite clearly. The main thing we should watch out for is letting ourselves get in our heads and approach the game in the right way.

  9. Do you have any words for the fans who are eagerly anticipating tomorrow's match?
    Hopefully a clinical performance from us and haters making clips and demos for cheat proof.

  10. What can we expect to see from Mongols in today's Grand Final?
    Brute force aggression and relentless pressure.

  11. What do you think are your team's strengths and weaknesses going into the Grand Final?
    Strengths; aggression, speed, aim power, class variety. Weaknesses; Mindset, attitude.

  12. Can you talk about any strategies or tactics that your team has developed specifically for tomorrow's match?
    For today, we will continue as we have. Why fix it when its not broken?

  13. How important do you think teamwork and communication are for success in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and how does your team approach these aspects of the game?
    I think the main part of successful team is communication, closely followed by cohesion. Strategy evolves from those two things in my opinion

  14. Elysium has a reputation for being a formidable opponent. How does your team plan to deal with their playstyle and specific players?
    Obviously Elysium themselves have a few players who can change, not maybe the game at this point, but a stage or a map to their favour, so we have to be careful.

  15. How do you deal with pressure and nerves during high-stakes matches like the Grand Final?
    I think our team is well suited for a match like, we hope to play freely and to our best ability. We've been here before.

  16. What would winning the ET Anniversary Winter League mean to you and your team?
    Quite honestly not a lot, but losing it would probably have a big reaction.

  17. Can you talk about any specific players on your team who have really stepped up and performed well this season?
    I dont think I've been surprised by anyone, with these guys you get what you see 99% of the time.

  18. Finally, can you give us a prediction for tomorrow's match? How do you think it will play out?
    8-0, domination. Good luck to Elysium, hope you make it close for peoples sake.

Netherlands Sebhes
  1. Elysium is the defending champion and has won the last two LANs in 2017 and 2019. How does it feel to be back in the Grand Final again this year?
    We feel very much honored to be in another Grand Final. Ever since we started playing together back in early 2015 our main objective was to pursue titels. We never took anything for granted and continued to enjoy and cherish each moment we have spend together. Being able to compete with the same six players tonight as we have done so for the last 8 years feels really special. We are looking forward to tonights match and we will promise one thing: firework .

  2. Mongols are the clear favorites going into tomorrow's match. How do you plan to defeat them and retain the title?
    I would like to extend my congratulations to the Mongols for their remarkable progress. In 2023, they have demonstrated unprecedented strength and have become a force to be reckoned with, thanks to their unwavering commitment and determination over the years. They are an incredibly talented group of players, and their skill is evident. However, our strength lies in the fact that we are more than just a team - we are a group of friends who believe in and depend on each other. We stand together in battle, and this gives us a distinct advantage. We have always risen to the occasion when the stakes were highest, and I have complete faith in my teammates and myself to bring everything we have to the table tonight.

  3. What strategies have you and your team been working on to counter Mongols' playstyle?
    We plan to exploit their weakness by defeating them with their own toxicity. The Mongols perform best when circumstances are favorable, so our responsibility is to identify the vulnerable areas in their team and gradually weaken their defense by creating small openings. As these openings widen into cracks, they will eventually succumb to our attacks.

  4. Mongols have a reputation for toxic behavior in the community. How do you plan to deal with any potential negative behavior from them during the match?
    Their intense desire to win is evident through their toxic behavior, and I must admit that it makes me value them as a worthy adversary. Additionally, the rivalry between our teams has added an exciting dimension to the competition. Although we usually try to not let the words of others impact us, since they often arise from insecurity and vulnerability, we remain steadfast in our focus on our own strategy. We firmly believe that genuine champions do not resort to diminishing others in order to elevate themselves.

  5. Can you talk about any specific players on your team who you think will play a key role in tomorrow's match?
    We are a group of individuals who came together by chance and fortuitously found the right teammates at the right time. Our greatest asset lies in our unwavering trust and belief in each other. Every team member plays a unique role, which contributes to our collective strength and makes us more formidable as a unit. In order to reclaim our dignity, we require every individual to perform at their very best tonight. Only time will tell how that plays out, but we remain resolute and confident in our ability to succeed as a team.

  6. How do you keep your team motivated and focused during a high-pressure match like the Grand Final?
    It's crucial that we maintain our team spirit. Our unwavering determination and focus have been pivotal in driving our collective improvement over the course of the year. As we prepare for tonight's match, we are acutely aware of the stakes at hand - not only the title, but also the honor of being crowned as the top team in Enemy Territory. I have complete faith in my teammates and we have had productive discussions throughout the week to ensure that we are fully prepared for tonight's challenge. We are all eagerly looking forward to experiencing the rush of excitement as we escort our truck to victory on Enemy Territory once again.

  7. What challenges do you anticipate facing when playing against Mongols tomorrow?
    We hold great admiration for the extraordinary displays of sheer force exhibited by Poland Abj and France uYop, whose outrageous skills and raw power are truly remarkable. However, their success is not just due to their individual talents, as Czech Republic Bobika contributes with world-class rifle timings and exceptional skill. Webe, on the other hand, stands out for their impressive soldier spamming abilities. When you combine these strengths with the objective-oriented play of Finland mayan and Poland WuT, the resulting team is truly formidable. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that we can overcome them with the power of our friendship, as long as we maintain a positive attitude and focus throughout the game. This almost feels like an episode of Pokemon, doesn't it?

  8. Can you talk about any memorable moments from past matches between Elysium and Mongols?
    Instead of dwelling on the past, I prefer to focus on the future. Our team has consistently created unforgettable moments on the battlefield, and our rivalry with our opponents is unparalleled. When I returned to the game six months ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much players have increased. Simultaneously, my team have all matured and become more patient with our strategies. We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase our best selves in today's match.

  9. Do you have any words for the fans who are supporting Elysium in tomorrow's match?
    I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for their unwavering support over the years. It makes us feel humble and valued. We truly mean it when we say that it is very kind of people to take time out of their lives to watch our games via streams or to send us supportive messages via private message. We are immensely proud of being the reigning title holders and we will continue to compete with the utmost dignity. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

  10. Finally, what can we expect to see from Elysium in tomorrow's Grand Final?
    Expect the unexpected. See you tonight.

Post match coverage

To give it all a proper ending, a post-match interview will be held with the captains of both teams streaming live on Keith's Twitch channel:

Interestingly, Elysium has never won on ET:Legacy, but they used to be favorites on ETPro. Who will come out on top this time? It's anyone's guess, and you can even vote now on who you think will win using the link provided:

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Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
Czech Republic Bobika contributes with world-class rifle timings and exceptional skill.

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It sounds like it will be an intense and thrilling match, with both teams putting all their skills and strategies to the test.
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