No/Less announcer sounds

I've made 2 packs, 1st one completely removes all announcer sounds, the 2nd one leaves only important obj-related sounds (dynamite planted, etc.)

Put it to etmain to use on Hirntot servers:

Edit: I think I'll only enable lessannouncer on Hirntot so people don't forget about objectives too much.
Why do some pk3 files work on other etpro servers and some dont?

e.g. team hits translated to all etpro servers for me :D
We don't have any custom teamhit sounds on our server, and don't know how it would be possible to load custom pk3s on servers that don't have them, except maybe with hax.
Wasn't it different with the Christmas pack?

I reckon it was back then when I got it for the first time and still had it after on all etpro servers

The ET on which I had it was only used for Hirntot and private gather servers, nothing else. So couldn't be from anywhere else.
No custom team damage sounds in the xmas pack either, and even if there were, the xmas pk3 isn't on our server at the moment so if you have it in etmain it makes no difference, you don't have the xmas hats skin from that pk3 either right now.
Oops, turns out we do in the z_hirn_needs_new.pk3 file. My bad.
Custom pk3 files that aren't on the server should never be loadable if the server has sv_pure 1. It's a bug (or a cheat... :P) on your end.
Ask Swani, I never noticed it because I was so used to playing with it but he recognised they are different on my stream and I had that for over a year for sure, so dunno :D

And as corn just said, I was right about it :D
I watched a replay from 2 days ago and a clip from 25 days ago, and you had the default sound on both. :O Did you get rid of the file recently?
I think I updated to Win10 about 2months ago, it was August-September so there is no clip of that, and a lot of people from the Gather community noticed that and made fun of it so I guess there could be someone else to approve that as well.

Basically when I reinstalled ET 2019 up until now 2020 I had those hitsounds :D
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