Ladies and gentlemen, it is with immense joy and excitement to reveal to you that the one and only
Splash Damage will be joining us for our next ET Anniversary LAN event!! Can you even believe it? We are absolutely bursting with pride to confirm that they will be contributing, from providing us with a main stage to experience what it is to be a true professional gamer to delivering top-notch professional coverage. And this is just the beginning! Stay tuned for even more thrilling updates as we count down to the event of the year! Let’s fight!

Wow! Months of talking and investments are starting to pay off. We are so excited and can't describe the joy we have to share this news with the community. To partner up with the company who created our beloved game is a dream come true.
Had to log in to congratulate you for all your efforts. Hopefully everything will go well for you, all the best!
Thank you Snatix, that's actually very kind of you. I tried reaching out to esSe, but unsuccessfully
Haven't speak to any of the boys for years now, I can't help you with that sorry
No worries, I meant that I got in touch with him actually. Tried convincing him to come haha, but unsuccessfully!
Massive! Can't wait to hearing more about it!
Great News!
awesome! <3
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