A new sponsor for LAN!

image: QSTZER9

We are happy to announce a new sponsor for the upcoming ET Anniversary LAN event! Netherlands Timbolina, a former well-known player and an old friend of mine from within the scene, has generously offered sponsorship through his company, www.cardstore.nl.

QuoteCardstore is a webshop from the BeNeLux that specializes in Trading Card Games like Pokémon, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many other TCG’s. With a huge selection of cards and accessories, Cardstore is the go-to destination for TCG enthusiasts across the region.

In exchange for their generous sponsorship, we are proud to announce that the draft cup will be renamed to the Cardstore.nl Draft Cup. Timbolina's continued support of the gaming community through Cardstore is a true testament to his dedication and passion for the scene. Thank you, Timbolina and Cardstore, for your support!
Can't wait for the Yu-Gi-Oh side tournament.
We are thrilled to hear about this partnership. Congratulations! Amarillo Drywall Contractors
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