JyrkZ looking for DE"a"(AT) representative USA!

Hello Dear Community

Introduction to CrossFire.nu: Noted @Amsterdam Treaty, the LAW contract as 128 community. Sun"JyrkZ" Rabbit 128 is the boss. My name consists mostly of man kings.

How did Sun rabbit get his name. It is written into my name Melts"Sun Rabbit"Jürgen. S jÜrgeN(Read SUN) from the word PoWer and also combining my zodiac sign Cancer. Cancer means the reading of my name starts backwards way. Rabbit word comes from my First name jürGEn letters GE(Grandmother Elizabeth) R @ my first name stands for Cancer/crab sign 6th month. This means I crab. J @my name stands for friendly Japan. Sun Rabbit special skills: I must confess, I have tested my powers for 5 years already and I am able to cancel the snow season, I am able to do heat all around the world. @2015 I made a company named Pro Paint Est. I am able to Paint the sky with truth colours. Much more actually.

Before the introduction I will add the following from Amsterdam Treaty Contract signed @Germany. Thanks for coming translation means, KTHXBYE in Gamers language.
Sun"Jürgen Melts"Rabbit with useless paints, whose printer was stolen since I was born is also forgotten by the AT contract. Thanks for coming Sun @The sky called Sun"Melts Jürgen"Rabbit they said From Germany and 14 more countries.. Reason? Sun Rabbit always comes into this life with all defensive lines covered. This time the ocean lines were the ships. MS/Estonia for example was Melts from Estonia the Munn(Translation dick) line. UK was testing the full control over my dick, my parents took me to the Hospital operation when I was 2/3 years old because they saw that the water was not coming out correctly. The ship obviously went down without any proof it was me? Only date 28.9 explained this tragedy. 852 persons died, Queen Elizabeth II was sworn to the throne @ 1952, 8th month.

It would be elementary that UK sends cash Printer to Sun Rabbit as a compensation but till today NOTHING!

Jurgen Melzer(Tennis player) line shows that UK Henry is inside my brain. Current rank 84(Since 2010/2011), doubles peak 8, singles 6. Why would you close Full Tilt Poker?
It is written here that @2010/2011 You are the Charlie SHE from EN.

When the US Department of Justice shut the site down in 2011 over illegal gambling, the players weren't able to be paid because the company didn't have enough reserve funds available? I have a question. Justice Department is written with Blood Signature @my right hand. WHEN WILL YOU PAY FOR YOUR SINS? I WAS ACTUALLY WINNING FROM THIS SITE!

Eurovision is Europe´s vision about all the damage done to everyone who are in a great friendship with Sun Rabbit. Notebook! This Estonia ship incident was noted with the following note. 216 Likes means that Elizabeth II was the person controlling my dick. Happy birthday, my wallet is empty and will be empty forever most likely.

UK tried to use tank Janek Paklinski(Born 1973/5)on this ship case. 852 died. I noticed Boeing 737 crashed also. Almost got away with it. UK Your lies are busted. Impossible to argue with girls from UK. All of those boys have no education.

How did JyrkZ win in Poker? Was drinking with 2 girls and barely checked the computer screen. Finished 2nd after hilarious amount of times trying. Award: Over 6K USD. Hilarious harrash through eye cameras.
After this 6K USD i managed to work my way up to a serious tournament. Reached final table, first place was 200K. Forced UK to show their real power. They moved my girlfriend to close my electricity @Laptop and did not win because...make a guess. This is UNACCEPTABLE THAT A HYSTERIC GIRL WITHOUT ANY EDUCATION IS DECIDING SUN RABBITS FATE!

Went to work for Snow Fields and my back was heavily damaged. Now some retard from UK tries to hide the guilt and holds electricity inside my back. NOT GOOD! In case You understand my lines! Electricity takes the water away from body!


Queen Elizabeth II did introduction to GODS of nature with her speech. She was the GOD Zeus, special skill Lightning Strike.

We have not had any lightning strikes in upper region of map recently. We have another lightning god called Indra. The Girl god from Belarus and I have already met with her and had nice drinks,karaoke and made many contacts with Turkish metal business representatives. She is now married to one of the guys from Turkish top metal industries. We had meetings with Turkish politicians who represent different trade industries. Alina Chernikovich is called Indra. Why Indra? Her name is like India but You would never find the correct one because there are so many name kinds. ( Brain line Alina Michalitsch, highest ranking 69 @2022 )
[img] https://www.instagram.com/p/CXE2acEAjrB/ [/img]

We have a Russian King candidate also here. Dmitry Grigoruk. His name is like DeTsember/December. Power language turned out to be EST/ENG. He is related to September also. After learning the language Im sure that this combination 6/7 letters name symbols the King of Workers.Since R is my 3rd letter and I am the basic then it must be the PIMP/SEX King. I suspect he is the GOD Kamadeva. (Read King Angela Marquerite Arnold Elizabeth servant assistant. )To be continued...

His brain line: TOP rank 20, Doubles 36, His TV channel is Nr.12 @EE FOX Channel.

Reading transcript: 5 letters = Pussy/slave, 6 letters = VIKING, 7 letters = Worker.

DOTA 2 was the introduction game of all the different characters in the real life JUNGLE

Just wanted to remind You that Sun Rabbit was not even the character in DO TA 2(Do Amsterdam Treaty backwards for friend.)

Amsterdam Treaty introduction video, all gods test Amsterdam culture today, mostly weed.
Feat: Antranita has 9 letters.
An IGC was opened in Turin (Italy) in March 1996 for the purpose of revising the Treaty on European Union. The subsequent Treaty of Amsterdam amending the EU Treaty, the Treaties establishing the European Communities and certain related acts was signed in the presence of the President of the European Parliament, José María Gil-Robles.

With its entry into force in May 1999, the codecision procedure was simplified and broadened in scope. Parliament now had the right to approve the Commission President.

Signed in: Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 2nd October 1997
Entry into force: 1 May 1999

Actually I was told the contract origins from 1897.

Looking for DEa representative. DE assistant in Amsterdam Treaty matters.
Looking for: https://www.instagram.com/janekoiglane/ Number 2 USA BOSS!
Your song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujNeHIo7oTE
Example players who mirror Your name:
Gary Neville
Dani Alves
Lee Dixon
Branislav Ivanovic
Glen Johnson

My name: Memphis Depay the main striker for Team Netherlands today!
DE PA Y here means PP. at the end of Amsterdam Treaty contract. From Palmer Arnold to Palmer Arnold dot. MemPHis(Me M) You already know that PH word stands for weed growing, DEA Janek gets beaten at contract and breaks into my apartment. Gets keys from Center party, they have keys to every apartment. KILLS MY PLANTS! I have to return growing gear after first attempt! NOW I HAVE SOME RAKETT69 eye also @my right eye. This eye should not be allowed. How to explain this eye? From mirror You can see that electric rocket fire is 24/7 active. NO HELP AT ALL, JUST LIKE USELESS LOSERS ALL AROUND EUROPE! Then I tried once more to grow but now its already DEA with joysticks against. I fail. They just move my brain somehow.

YOU ARE SO GREEDY @EUROPE THAT YOU COME TO MR.SUN HEAD AND HARRASH ME WITH MANUAL TALK THROUGH THE EAR. I understand that everyone wants to talk with Sun Rabbit but You need to ask for permission too. This talk through ear has been deadly for years already.(Full team wipe DEA talk) Hope Your representative from Europe arrives into this forum with an excuse.

Just let me know If I can count on You! Project Juicyyyyy
Job Offer!
Anne Milgram was sworn into office @28.June. I am apparently born @28.06
Requirements: ( Lyrics important! )
Your DEA representative Janek Paklinski sings here how he tagged me with the electric booster eye which takes my water away from head through Revo Kink from KGB office. Gorbatchov dead now, too bad. Sky showed the eye origins from Police with One Lion Logo. Unforgettable eye. Full team wipe attempt again. EUROPE TELL ME IF ITS AMSTERDAM CULTURE TEST THEN HOW THE FUCK DEA PROMISES FULL TEAM WIPE HERE? SUN WILL LEAVE EUROPE SOON, NOT A SINGLE POLICE UNDERSTANDS AMSTERDAM? I HAVE UROD DEA AT MY RIGHT EYE AND THEY CLOSED MY HEAD WATER FLOW WITH ELECTRIC BOOSTER! HOW DO I KNOW? SKY GOES PINK/PURPLE AFTER I SAY DEA IS VERSUS AT MY HEAD! SKY SHOWS TO VANA-PÄRNU ALL THE TIME!
Contact @profile.

Feel free to meet with the New World Order, Project Squad.EE @ https://www.youtube.com/@jurgenmelts4947/playlists

Firstly I would like to warm welcome all the crossfire community. I am sure You all had nice times @Youtube, especially @Sinnu from Team Estonia.

Just a cool note from Captains Diary.

I will reveal a top secret note from Youtube now. Lets play a game, You post another song which educates gamers.

Sandra - Hiroshimma
Secret of this ballad: Month March. King Arnold Palmer noted @Estonian language as word "AUS". Crashed on his way home and World War II started. March is the word in English when certain militaries start their March. Well Russia started their March @24th of February already, few days too early. Regular shit.

Why is the artist called Sandra? Because AND @Sandra represents Arnold. :DD

Have a peaceful day, I just drank a beer @Prague and bought a hooker, nice place, I suggest Prague to everyone.

Just wanted to warn You to stay safe. "King" Arnold Palmer is actually from Romania. Our daily schedule is well prepared. Many people are dead already. ROMANIAN KING DIED! WE NEED TO CELEBRATE! Useless clown Arnold Palmer. Hush hush? Why mad? Did not send me any manual money. Turned out that ruined the importance of language also. Such a simple thing as testament and sending no property either to SUN.

Looking for DEa representative. DE assistant in Amsterdam Treaty matters.
[email protected]

The Problem: There was a small mistake made to my Script. When I turned 17 I had sex with a 13 year old girl. Is it illegal? Ship 1994 school. Result:No Printer, hard times but Power show.
Song related:

Power show short introduction: Sports(NBA,FIFA,WRC,FIS Skiing,Gaming,Boxing etc), TV, Computer, Telephone, Heat show, Police/Fire figthers power presentation, Parliaments, Hospitals, Business, Countries introduction, Language introduction, Calendar introduction. In English language the whole project is about Peak Performance. To be continued...

Introduction to war transcript:

The Tattoo: urod.ru from KGB to bed.
The Problem Police/Fire fighters in Estonia is that they join forces and Sun Rabbit gets two enemies this way. Estonia dumps me. Deadly radio is added to my eye and this kills people. Should be used for friendly purposes.
The owner of Radio: Elmar Vaher from Tallinn Kase 61 Police. Noted @regular radio station channel Elmar Radio. 1994 the ship goes down, Jürgen gets all the movie show, they earn billions, Elmar gets corrupted. Sun Rabbit still 0 euros. Useful? The problem is in script already that I am forced to promote the SLAVE Elmar. Greedy slave.
The Door: This deadly radio opens door to Russia to take over Estonia, REALLY BAD MOVE! Its obvious that the radio was given into the hands of the slave. The first thing he would do is collaborate with fire fighters.
The Radio was added @Derivco ( KGB ) another slave I must promote here. Just urod.ru.
The Fault: Must be Arnold Palmer fault, his umbrella TATTOO forces urod.ru to bed. Slave USA just used me to go to war.

Before 2000 real life movie. Fightclub fight scene is about Squad.EE Rain Raudsepp vs Dmitry Grigoruk(Putin Ally Kazathan parliament) Rain Raudsepp was buried under sand @2000, assisted way(Electric way suspicioun). Reason: Grigoruk was taller but had no chance, the nose @Video of Tyler was also not bloody in real life, EMBARRASING FOR RUSSIA!
How did we get into the fight? Dmitry friend Panda got busted @stealing apples from my garden. We had arguments and agreed on 1vs1 fight between two sides. Est boys chose Rain and Ru boys chose Dmitry as the fighter.

Turned out Estonia was sold @2015. Squad.EE Mant father as Pärnu Police captain was executed the same way as Rain Raudsepp and a new puppet representative was added to represent Russian needs. Corrupted way.

Mr.KResti movie: Judge decision movie about King Russia stabbed Rain Raudsepp Electric way @Est candle movie.(GrigoRUK) JyrkZ was backstabbed @1:07, translation: Unfair backstab!

Rain Raudsepp murder is noted @Eurovision with note. Dave Benton(Read: DAVAJ E, BACKUP England to Jürgen.) Noted as Putin mindset. DAVAJ DAVAJ! Noted as a nigger from Russia. Dave Benton: Born 31 January. Noted as Armin KaRU Russian Vladimir Putin line.

Language guidelines: EST/ENG power language. Rat/Rott, Rabbit/Küülik is a different word!

Sun Singing to You after Gorbatšov promised to bury us all video + Lyrics. Gorbatšov is actually clone of Elizabeth, which means he does Elizabeth in real life. It is called UK Russia @Wikipedia, its true. Would You understand? Sting, read as S ti N g( Sun around dig ) Amsterdam Contract is EUROPE/USA contract to respond to all the threats in the rhetorical speeches of the SOVIETS!( Read Elizabeth barbars UK) ALL THE LINES ARE COVERED! meltS jÜrgeN is SUN´s little boy @Lyrics. The @NUN @ Video is Ingrid Jääger and the nigger is Germo Kalpus, both from Estonian Police. They dont only put me to sleep in case I go up money wise but they stole my profit from Derivco Estonia also.

How did they promise to bury us? Added to Youtube as 849(Read 84 school) POLICE INSIDE MY EYES!!!NOT ALLOWED!!!!!

Sun Rabbit Fields/Allies marked @2:19 in the following video. Estonian lyrics but map is visible! Saaremaa house was instagram picture, Merivälja was just allies weed place and the painting I stole was actually Mona Lisa @Louvre France. Just took a picture @Napoleon chair which was guarded by gunmen and was actually disallowed place. Could not care less, worth it picture.
(My property: Pirita apartment, Farm Abja-Paluoja, living @Pärnu @moms apartment. Kevin home alone.)

Sun Rabbit introduction video 2015:

Hint: Lana Del Rey (Read: Leader)
Hint nr.2 Arnold Palmer did Heroin but after he announced the testament he added brain donor to my relatives and they did this heroin joke to me. Sun Rabbit never tried heroin. Does not matter, only mature people understand.

Video explains how we move today: The white haired 777 boy behind electric box, 2 eletric eyes and moved by 2 Joysticks. The boy behind electric box is programmed through computer program. Not a single excuse saves You! Programming the Sun executed by a RAT who did not pay even the SUN RABBIT.

Programming the Sun executed by a RAT who did not pay even the SUN RABBIT. Programming the SUN shown @KAMZ MOST HATED 3 MOVIE
8:46 programming

Jurgen Melzer is another proof of a programmer @My head. His rank today is nr.84 SHOUTOUT TO MELZER, BE BRAVE!

Video explains how we move today: The white haired 777 boy behind electric box, 2 eletric eyes and moved by 2 Joysticks. The boy behind electric box is programmed through computer program. Not a single excuse saves You!

Programming the Sun executed by a RAT who did not pay even the SUN RABBIT.

Programming the Sun executed by a RAT who did not pay even the SUN RABBIT. Programming the SUN shown @KAMZ MOST HATED 3 MOVIE

Arnold Paljew(Palmer) announced testament which was noted @Eurovision with the following note:
Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois He got nominated as a RAT King @Youtube. Translation: Such an eye plan: Am ar PE LOS DoiS = Angela merkel leading Aivar Rebane(777), Estonian Police backwards for London AP testament + Dois(AP € to AP).IO is the hero from DOTA, who gives money to every friend. Translation: Arnold Palmer is a RAT/THIEF!Tell me how can Queen agree on cash AP to AP TESTAMENT. Testament is something which needs atleast one property from AP.

The testament was signed by Queen Elizabeth II personally.

Conclusion: My head waterways are closed with some kind of technology eye which is full of electricty and is programmed through computer and my name is Sun Rabbit. This is the most criminal case ever. MOST WANTED HEAD INSIDE ME! Any hints are welcome, I am ready to kill! Amsterdam Treaty Page 35/36 means I receive emergency funds from the company I get fired from but instead I received a death penalty eye and nobody helps either! Even with the contract dead! Reason: Hysteric Woman on Top! The Woman who should have paid is RUSSIAN, thats the reason the project @Youtube is called Madonna(Read Mad on Ukraine). Ukraine dies till girl pays! CONTRACT IS A CONTRACT![/b]

By the script Pro Paint Est inserted a 1 million euro invoice to Derivco Estonia @2020 ( Pending/Did not arrive )

(Every damage of this KGB company is noted @Youtube. Brain death is noted under Selena Gomez and Eminem REVIVAL tour)

They are a company which operates under John Moshal, who is already dead. They have a owner who owns 35% of Gaming market. Gaming is dead till they pay!

Why Ukraine? Its called the mother land of Russia!

The Cameras inside my eye are detected/ proof @Video background: Hard to believe that Russia is not :D The names are Anonymous(The smaller boy @background pic) and Germo Kalpus(Pärnu Police, his wife with surname Jääger sits here all the time and sends videos to some informator.) Under video its written Schmidt and JenKO(JürgenKO). Turns out Germo is called Jürgen KO. (I have seen Germo @Sindi state gov.) Anonymous Schmidt is actually shown as Antonova(Servant for Medvedev D) representative, small boy who looks like the most innocent guy ever :D.) Antonova has a Russian friend who lived at Pärnu beach region when the Dmitry GrigoRUK vs Rain Raudsepp took place. FIGHTCLUB!

How did Jääger get busted with making videos for informator? FEDEX THE WORLD ON TIME! Made by Arnold Palmer Hospital.

The contract has a note: Lest we forget...(In case we forget Leader of Estonia then a soldier arrives)

The one who forgot me is called Ingrid Jääger-Kalpus, noted under band St ING(Fields of Gold song), she is also noted @China as JinpING. She is the clone of Meghan Markle. Lives upstairs of me. Bad thief.

Current thiefs who forgot me by the contract are the following:

Just insert Lest We Forget... into Youtube and You will find the name Chinese way.

Its real I do not even know all of them. 1934(43 is Putin number) I noticed Arnold Palmer? getting fucked by soldier, Marilyn Monroe I guess is DEA Marilin Tammik? Esperanza Spalding is Ingrid Jääger from Pärnu Police + his man Germo Kalpus from Pärnu Firefigthers brigade, apparently also Police. Rose S is Derivco Estonia. Those are the examples which help You all detect Your name who forgot Sun"Jürgen Melts"Rabbit THE 128 LAW! Till the soldier leaves You alone...

Sun"Jürgen Melts"Rabbit with useless paints, whose printer was stolen since I was born is also forgotten by the AT contract. Thanks for coming Sun @The sky called Sun"Melts Jürgen"Rabbit they said.

Picture of the one shown guilty @Contract is shown at the background picture of this video. Sky shows to Vana-Pärnu Timber business. Must be his business. Sky showed to transport ship. There is only one timber business in Vana-Pärnu with such transport ship shown @Sky. Band: ToM Walker, just lol, Sun Rabbit has a walker, Sun Rabbit was promised to be the man who was written as The man who can´t be moved. I don´t even know this guy, only his face is familiar!



Brain donoring Testament by Arnold Palmer can be downloaded from:

@JyrkZ is looking for a sugarmommy also but does not matter. Too bad all the trips end with empty wallet but always worth it.

Feel free to take Your seat here.

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